Life philosophy

Do what you want and makes you happy. Nothing else matters


The future contains consequences. Strategy is needed, and the strategy around future consequences for our actions would be what we want. But what consequences are their for the past which is all information that can never come back? Stressing about these “memories” which are what makes up the past starting each second after the present has happened can make people mentally ill, accident prone, and not friendable.

There might be consequences of your actions but they don’t really matter as long as you know you did what you wanted at that point. And your at peace with yourself because that what you needed at the moment


I remember I was thinking about this kind of thing not long ago, and I was recalling when I was a kid and how kids behave in general.

They are living in the moment. When I learned to live in the moment as a kid, it was more fun than ever after that.

What it is is just knowing very keenly what is the past, and what is the present. I suppose knowing the future too.

Past and future are informationous. Present is real and consequential. If you know that in every second, then even a second before doesn’t bother you especially not long ago in the past. Words are just information too. What does information do? It takes your focus off of the present, and…

…that’s why kids have so much fun.

They really don’t have pasts. Adults have such long, deep, complex pasts, fundamental understandings about different phenomena, system, and people, and that looks like a larger world than the world in present reality. They are not as fast, and it certainly is much more about business than fun, eh.

I realized recently that my sz junk is all informational and in the past then, and to be afraid of information is very irrational, or to be angry at information is too. This is why sz’s are stigmatized because they are afraid or angry at information because they can’t tell it apart from the present that is happening real time.

This can be fixed. It just takes some practice.


The past should be understood but we should never let it control us, It can be dangerous if we don’t understand it and if we do and find some issues it could be even more dangerous because we become concencious about our past problems and them we can become lost in them.

I don’t wanna talk about the future because is futile and pointless to think about it


I would correct you on that one, croco. The future is information about what consequences may land on us. I can assess the past information, extrapolate the future possibilities which are informationous by the way, and then avoid the calamity.

But what about something I call a “specter memory?” This has plagued people for thousands of years, and it is when people assume that the information in their memories that are constantly pouring out of the subconscious into the consciousness can be “specters.” They freak out, get paranoid, and do crazy, emotional things as a result.

What this kind of person does not know is that it is only “past” that was stored in the mind. Technically it is also future mixed in because of intricate extrapolations based on memories or "past information.

I was one of these people in fear of the “specter memories.” Terror.

But I was religious, superstitious, and things like that, so my understanding of myself, others, and the universe was a sci fi fantasy. Specters taunted me, and now that I can think about, I clearly realize what they were: past memories.

For most people discerning the past even just seconds in the past from the present is difficult, but to believe that the past is the real time, consequential, present just like the present…wow. Oh, and to think that the infinite future is of consequence too, so that’s the future information that we think about, right? Did you ever think your mind was going to exist forever? I did. I used to think some bizarre things, and it is now no wonder I was diagnostically sz. Computer problems in the head, eh.

My superior brain doesn’t procces this kind of informations

At this stage I only think for money. But not successful.

My philosophy is rather simple: know thyself, and do great things.

Master, if I may. Uh hehe.

Try to first find the subject of each person’s sentence whether they are speaking or they are writing.

Once you find it, then listen to are read the rest of the word as the predicate. After your brain knows “the thing” of the sentence, it will intuitively search for what it can know about “the thing” of any sentence as fast as a blink of an eye.

All language is made of a subject and a predicate. The predicate describes the subject.

If I pick up a thing, and I tell you what it does, you understand. If you don’t understand a word, then you ask what it means.

When you see words or hear talk, they are holding “things” out in their minds, and they are trying to describe them to you.

They cannot open their heads, and point to the thing that they are describing, but they can sort of play “the game of charades” with you describing it with words that are the “predicates.”

The things are the subjects in the sentences. Just pin point which word means the “thing” they are trying to show you, and then your brain in a blink of an eye will use all of the rest of the predicate words to know what it can about that thing.

This is interesting.

I find most people, if they ever said what their real motto is based on their behavior not what they think, it would be, “know less, and do hardly anything.” They make a lot of sense this way if you know enough about reality, but in behavior I try to differ from them. Listen to anyone. Follow no one.

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If you ever want to talk about money strategies such as economics, market valuing mechanics, bid/ask price, supply and demand, etc, PM me. I think I could teach you some things that will improve your success. :slight_smile:

Just, if you have nervousness, remember that I’m not everything or everyone, and you are worthy of anyone especially anyone that invites you to come think together. Hehe.

This is interesting. My mind worked all its efforts and your this words only remaining.

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Same day different level of problems.
Same ■■■■ different level
Groundhogday. A day closer to heaven

@anon73425833, Do you feel that if I wanted to kill somebody merely because I think it would "make me happy’, that I should go ahead and do it because “nothing else matters”?

Wrong, you can make yourself happy thinking of other people or helping them. Living for just yourself is not the way. In AA they used to say at the end of a meeting “We all need each other.” Everybody has something to offer the world. Find out what that is and use it and that will make you happy.

My philosophy for a day:

Keep your eyes and ears open, and always expect the unexpected.

I survive among the normal folk and do all right. I subscribe to “Nod your head and smile a lot”.

If I’d known how life was a lot earlier I would have learned to juggle. It really is a circus!


I am trying to do only things that make me happy and I only do what i want to do. This dosent mean I am egocentric

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