Life outside my head

It’s so much more complicated then life in my head. Life inside my head is pretty much the same everyday. It takes a lot of work not to let go and burrow back down into the deeps, like a clam in the sand.

But I’ve been working so hard not to live in my head. I do more not living in my head. I see more not living in my head. But many times it confuses me and makes me want to let go and burrow back down into the deeps.

Other times I feel like I’m holding onto the last branch that is pulling me out of the quicksand and if I slip, that’s it. I’ll be sucked back into my head with no way out and then the wax build-up will come again. Life will pass me by again, I’ll be semi- catatonic again.

So I am working on finding the strength to learn about the life outside my head, and yet still working to better know the inside of my head.

It’s a lot of space to work with.


I seem to get sucked into my head. I obsess over every symptom I have and research it to death. I have imaginary conversations with my pdoc about it. I’m trying to get out of my head and focus on my relationships and hobbies. Good luck to you.


Keep holding on to that branch James - don’t let go :persevere:


There are some things I’ve learned about auditory hallucinations. If you stay vigilant about the voice in your head, you will find out some interesting things. Most of the complications from auditory voices, is that most people believe in the voice. If you can stay vigilant of the voice and unbelief in it as if it wasn’t real and not speak to the voice, I have noticed your thoughts start to think of reality

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