Life of the lazy drunk

Im to broke to go shoot myself so i spend my days with my belly full of booz and lungs full of smoke. This was the great thing we all wanted to experience when we were kids. Adulthood.

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Do we choose this life?

With the exception of the smoke, I’ve been pretty much where you are. Now I am almost 58, and I’m trying to reform. It’s been almost a year since I drank. Take care that you don’t reform until you’re 58.


I hate the liquor these days after a bad experience I like to smoke though

I remember when I was young, I was so anxious to grow up, so that people would like me. :confused:

Now I’ve realized that my age doesn’t really matter to anyone. and I can’t go back. :confounded:

I didn’t really care one way or another. I liked being a kid though.

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