Life never been stable or perfect

I used to study then worked for a few years then i got a gf. By the time i got a gf i couldn’t work due to sz so never been stable in life or being able to build and support a family, now i have no gf but at least i got friends i hangout with


How many friends do you have and how did you meet them? I don’t have many friends at all

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I have two or three friends.

I don’t want more.

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3 main ones now i hangout with but on Abilify i had more as i had less negative symptoms and could hangout late at bars and nightclubs meeting new people, now risperidone knocks me out at 11pm and make me very sleepy i can’t hangout after midnight. I met them through my a previous job, my previous friends i met them at university and church but left them. I became friend with their friends

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I got my university degree while on Abilify but now on risperidone I can’t work at all

Last year you were bed ridden.

Look at the progress you have made!

Next year, you may get a volunteer job, or better a paid job. You never know!

So don’t fret just continue making prgress. You are already succeeding! :slight_smile:


You can reconstruct your life. Only few pieces missing.

I believe in you :muscle:


I have a couple of close friends, that’s all I need.

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My life has never been stable either. I was always screwing up relationships, looking for a new place, or another job. I’m more stable now then I was before, it’s not perfect but I like stable and sustainable.

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That’s good that you have friends. :slight_smile: I can’t work anymore, either. Life can be rough. But there is still much to be thankful for.

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I don’t have kids so society (especially my family and my husband’s family) think that I am a failure and I’ve come to believe this too. Especially since I can’t work or have anything nice because sz disables me. It doesn’t pay to explain the truth of sz to family because they already judge me harshly and unfairly. They will never understand.


I have seen many normies with no mental illness who have no kids and who are on welfare. Sometimes I tell myself I am like them on meds.

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