Life is very ordinary

These days life is going too fast. I have been working 6 days a week. I wake up at 830 AM to run my system and check for any trades I may have (whether to buy/sell stocks). I have worked on this system for more than a year and now feel that I need to implement it and see if it works. No more tweaking. Either way, soon after that I get ready and then go to an enterprise I have started with my brothers. I keep the accounts, manage sales, inventory, etc…I come back home usually at 5 pm. Then, at 6 pm I go to exercise for an hour to hour and a half. Then I come back home and have dinner. After that, I get to do my own things till 11-12 when I sleep. This is my 6 day routine. Life is so dam monotonous-- and though I keenly await Sundays, I am literally bored to death on Sundays. I usually go out and have dinner, but all day long, there is nothing to do.


I like to say you have to claim the extraordinary or ordinary claims you.


We need that day off every week. We need to decompress. You might feel like not much is going on, but on Sundays the body gets a well-deserved rest.
I actually work 5 days a week and I find ways to keep myself occupied on weekends too.
Your trading software sounds interesting. You think you could sell the idea to a corporation, or are planning to use it for yourself?


No, I can’t sell it to a corporation as it is too rudimentary. Corporations require PHDs in Math/Physics these days in order to discover alpha. Then teams of those sort of people (for instance Princeton Math PHDs) try to discover their edges through advance theory and rigorous testing. I am nowhere near them as an an individual, less advanced trader.

But, they have their limitations. For instance, if a fund is managing 10 billion dollars, they would typically take a position in a stock of 1-2 billion dollars. When they are buying/selling the stock, they have advanced algorithms as they will push the price of stock up or down significantly in order to place their bet. Therefore, a lot of capital at hand is a restraint on them. This is where I come in as an individual trader with less than 50000 dollars in capital and discover my edge through more basic algorithms. But, right now, I am not in profit. Hence, I have divested some capital into a different enterprise–this enables me to wait for my opportunities while trading stocks as well, rather than chasing game and losing money.


That’s one hella schedule you have there! Good to keep busy though

Being idle and bored is not good for you


I love that so much.



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