Life is tough

An understatement, right? I don’t mean just schizophrenia. I try to be nice. But my neighbor has my number. Maybe I’m freaking out on some telepathy delusion. Or maybe it’s the 1970’s concept of vibes. She’s probably not all bad. Anyway, this is my monthly rant to get it out of my system. I’ll be fine. Me and my sisters are driving up north for a hour and a half tomorrow to see my mom. I just got back from the store to pick up some flour, almond extract, and milk to make Greek cookies for tomorrow. My mom is Greek and I’m half Greek. They have the best desserts!! Maybe I’ll go for a walk later to clear my head and get some exercise.


Someone’s gonna get laid…
:beer: cheers!

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I am familiar with Greek food - it is very delicious - I agree :yum:

I wish!!! But you are misunderstanding me when I say she’s “Got my number”. It’s an old expression. She’s actually an old lady who I think is bothering me.

Oh that sucks. :smile:
maybe she’s got a daughter though…

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Hi I hope the cookies turnout good. I usually get truffles from my kids but store bought.

I love your optimism.