Life is too hard

why do we judge each other? where do feelings about other people come from?? fear? ignorance? past situations?

let go, but hard when you live in so many realities at once i have to try to let go.


i really brought all my tripping upon myself i was too young to know that at the time. now i am older with more wisdom still though every thought is battled… a lot of resentment on everyone’s part. i have to be the calm one just forgive them. they are people they will react to my thoughts what could you do? blame yourself forever? no just make the best of things.

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sorry this is like a journal entry or something. but yeah i hear voices who knows where they come from. it’s painful but people things around me are really only reacting to my own thoughts i think at least for the most part. if i am embarrassed people will laugh at me, if i feel guilty, or uncertain people around me will treat me like i am guilty,. just reacting to my own thoughts and feelings i guess. hard to keep a long enough list of data in my mind to confirm that LOL

synchronizations , this just cam on as i was re-reading my post


I think you are probably right.

And yes - life is too hard - but we have to make the best of it. Nobody every told us life would be easy, right?

There are many good things in life too. Thats what is important to focus on - and try to increase over time.

Are you getting any therapy?


trying. have an apt tomorrow but whats the point? same thing. LOL she will base her reactions on my thoughts. well. maybe she will actually say something i wound’t think up so hard to go out there with all my issues have to try though

He point is that you might learn something that helps… and keep pushing her/him to help you. And tell them if what they are doing right now isn’t helping.

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yes i will work on going there.

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i’m terrified of her. she reads my mind also and i can also hear her thoughts. also awkward for both of us… and she is younger then me… pretty nice though at least on the outside. we are terrified of eath other… LOL

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being 100% confident, how confident are you that this is true?

Are you that confident all the time about her ability to read your mind?

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YES 99.899999% lol

If you think she can read your mind - then have you talked to her about this belief?

Seems like it might be helpful.

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yea. everyone says they can’t but i feel they can

I agree. Life is too hard, but it is so much better than it was in the past. Medicine has advanced so much. Try to imagine a world without penicillon or morphine. A mild infection in the old days could result in an amputation, not too long ago without anesthetic. Now we take care of that with just a few pills. We have hot and cold running water. Electric light bulbs light up our houses. Central air conditioning and heating warm and cool our homes. I saw on one site on the internet that the average person in modern life uses as much energy in a week as over a hundred slaves working twenty-four hours a day for a month. (That isn’t the exact figure, but it was something like that.) Cars give us unprecedented mobility. Slavery existed in some form or other in every society on earth until the mid nineteenth century. In the middle ages they burnt people alive as witches and heretics. Now, thank God, all that is gone.


Yeah, life is easier as now than it was throughout most of history. Ancient history is full of kings and emperors and military leaders who got a big enough army raised and overran and conquered all their neighbors and their whole region. If you got a big enough army you overran and slaughtered whoever you wanted too. And while you were at it, you raped, pillaged and destroyed the other countries into submission and made the people you conquered into slaves. Mongols, Huns, Franks, Romans, Greeks, etc. Took what they wanted by force.

There were no rules, no Geneva convention, no United Nations, no United states to intervene and save you. Life was run by brute force. If you didn’t like it, tough.
As recently a WW2, the world was literally up for grabs. Hitler was not nice. He wanted to conquer the world.
And today we sit in the comfort of our own homes writing on a computer. We have medication and people trained to help us. I’m as miserable as the next guy but while writing this I can count my blessings. A car, a roof over my head, enough food on the table. Warm clothes.


YES PEOPLe!..<3 :smile:

Excellent song by my favorite post- nineties group.

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thnx LOL person! :stuck_out_tongue: