Life is still difficult

I am on abilify 5mg and mirtazapine 15mg and it helps my psychosis and depression but I feel that life is still difficult.i am glad that I had these meds but I am really uncertain of how things work in life,bahhh,■■■■ it

I identify with what you’ve written.


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Hopefully the meds well work for you. Have you ever thought about what life will be like with no voices. Normal. Personally I love it.

Friend,if life without psychosis or depression would be great,but since I got diagnose it’s hard to live without it,with meds I suffer from those once in a while…

You can probably get ride of the voices. getting ride of the depression maybe from loneliness is harder. antidepressants can help. But through giving myself therapy I feel goo on my own.

hope you fel better soon,