Life is shitty when your 21

I turned 21 years old in 1987.

That year I saw U2 live at Olympic Stadium in Montreal with 68,000 other fans of the band. I still have the Joshua Tree t-shirt from that concert.

I was broke a lot around that age, but I was happy…lots of good friends and close family. I didn’t get diagnosed Sz until i was 39 years old.

yea 21 was not a good year for me. and its only slightly better now at 23 lol. we’ll get there tho!

My SZ was first triggered at 20 or 21 years of age.
It was a rocky time for me.
I was placed on Navane, a powerful Typical Antipsychotic.

I was in college having a blast.

At 21 lost my virginity I had a girlfriend had a good job and boarded at a really nice house this was before I heard voices and felt this mental pain and suffering 24/7

@anon76219695 you come off as very arrogant.
It is ridiculous to call the Academic Reserve Program(Atuda) an elite program.

Originally I’ve started at “Psagot”, Program engineering (
but my my GPA was too low and after a semester I’ve decided to continue in Atuda.

Anyway it was intentional for the punch, had to sound a bit grandiose and delusional :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was 21, I was half in bliss with my new baby, and half miserable with my abusive husband.

I cant remember specific ages ive been… memories come and go and the little things get left behind…

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I didn’t get schizophrenia until I was 35 so I was able to be really productive at 21. I was a freshman in college studying architecture…I lost my career after I got sick…

When I was 21 I was discharged from the navy due to symptoms of schizophrenia. Over the next 27 years I was in and out of psych wards, homeless and hopeless.

Everything changed in 2009. I was in a bus when I saw a sign that said: VA DISABILITY COMPENSATION. I pulled the bus cord to get off at the next stop. I walked back to the law office. I told a lawyer my story; he said I had no chance. I didn’t leave, I wasn’t going to leave. Seriously, call the ■■■■■■ cops. I was given an advocate. I filed my claim.

Fast forward to 2012. I was living with a drug addict in a small apartment. Large package came in the mail. Opened it. I won my claim at 100%, and it was retroactive to when the claim was filed. I collapsed. Curled in a fetal position. Cried.

Now I live in a nice house on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I sit in my backyard and watch dolphins jump, manatees swim and pelicans dive.

If I killed myself when I was 21, I wouldn’t be looking at a beautiful sunset as I am right now. You never know what the ■■■■ is going to happen, but don’t throw away your shot. Don’t throw away your shot.

If nothing else, stick around to see how your story ends.


hah dude I’m 28 and I lack all those things!

Talk to @far_cry0 he’s 32.

The only reason that 21 sucks is because you aren’t used to it.

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I was sick as hell when I was 21. Now I am 35 and its not better… Ive lost lot of time and maybe its my fault. don’t do this, try to change something if you can :slight_smile: You are a baby at 21, believe me :wink: .

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I wanted to end my life.

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hmm, 21 i was pretty decent. srry if it didnt work out. only reason why i say this is cause for me it was an upcomming moment. my early teen years were very different from when i was 21. it wasnt perfect either. somebody did tell me that when your 25, nobody “likes” you. which i found interesting and funny. i was diagnosed at age 24 so it made me laugh even more the next year.

I was drinking a lot of alcohol. I really liked Mike’s hard lemonade. I thought that drinking alcohol would make me a better writer.

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I don’t know if I should have liked your post but from your selfies you are a totally ripped fella. Be happy.

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That was eight years ago for me (2010) and my first year of college. 2010 was a hell of a year for me. That year is full of good memories for me.

WHat was the lawsuit exactly for?


The disability claim asserted that the navy had caused or aggravated my schizophrenia.