Life is shitty when your 21

I got no money, no good job, no independence and no girlfriend… I have a lot to study, a lot to learn and a lot to achieve. It seams like I reached a the end of a wall. Got no escape from this prison
Anyway how was your life when you were 21?


When I was 21 I told myself I was old I was depressed and desperate for a boyfriend
I’m not depressed now

just dropped out of college and was working a shitty job. My sz was just starting to take shape, so i was dealing with that

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I was super okay when i was 21 … i played lot of games that time…°°°

Im 21 years old, I have no job, no friends, no girlfriend and a lot to study too! Im positive with my future


I moved in with a friend which was awesome at age 21 but when 23 rolled around life threw me the sza curveball.

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I liked that age. I had roomates, was in wedding parties, when to a lot of music shows, had a girlfriend, had all my hair. but yes worked suck. I worked crappy jobs

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My life was exactly as you described. The only difference may be that when I was 21 I was locked up in a psychiatric hospital for 8 months with 70-75 other lunatics and heavily medicated. My future did not look rosy and bright.

But I got out and yadda, yadda, yadda, I’m 56 now and I’m looking back on working almost steadily for the last 35 years. I need only a few more classes for my college degree. I live in a nice apartment and drive a nice car. I couldn’t have predicted this in a million years. You just don’t know how life is going to turn out and it does not necessarily have to turn out bad.

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35 years, that’s amazing, your a fighter I think. But it can turn to the worst also

I was on an elite military track, studying a degree in a respected Israeli University to be then qualified as a military officer with a speciality.
Plot twist it was my psychosis.
Double plot twist, my psychosis was about my neighbours following me everywhere, I really was on that military track and I quit because my avolition made it unbearably hard to progress in the studies.


i got diagnosed about that age, was hospitalised, it was pretty shitty, put on meds.

when I was 21. I was just recovering from a psychosis. I had to study and continue to do my Saturday job. The study finally succeeded and I still have the job.

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I was 21 going on 22 when the hallucinations kicked in full force. I was in a relationship, kinda, but it was failing. Classes weren’t too awful, but it was my first semester of grad school. :frowning:

I was at uni and I could actually read books back then, not anymore.

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When I was 21, I was getting high/stoned all the time trying to forget that I wasn’t feeling well.
I was undiagnosed, poor, and hungry all the time because I spent all my money on drugs. I was starting to enter what would turn out to be an abusive relationship with someone who was even worse off than me, mentally.

I was also feeling desperate to have children, because I had some thoughts about needing to have them.

I feel a lot more calm now. I don’t feel a rush to get things accomplished by a certain timeframe anymore, I don’t do drugs (drugs are bad, m’kay) and I got rid of the abusive partner.


I had more hair when I was 21! This short Pepsi tv commercial is me to a tee! :wink:


I had just moved to a new city and didn’t know anyone. My landlord was terrifyingly mean, and some days I was afraid to go home. I just started a new job, and I felt like it was the only thing going right in my life. So I worked 60-80 hour weeks, never slept, and stressed my brain into another psychotic breakdown. 21-24 were rough years for me, until I finally got help. Now, at 29, things are pretty awesome.

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Life might suck being 21 with schizophrenia. My advice to you would be to suck it up and wrk your hardest to get the best grades possible. Schizophrenia messed me up and my grades bad. I am 31 now and although I did graduate university I would have taken time off if I had known how much schizophrenia effected me. Later in life university and grades really open up doors to careers or going into fields.

I got my degree but in criminal justice. Schizophrenia and criminal justice don’t mix :frowning: and my grades aren’t good enough to get into a program I would be well suited for. I could go to law school in Australia but would cost 150k. Way to expensive for me :frowning:

Oh boy do i got news for you… if 21 feels painful…lol…

I was off the rails in a big way when I was 21. I’m nowhere near sane these days but definitely an improvement on my 20’s.