Life is sad

I don’t like life, becouse it has good moments but other parts of it is bad

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Every light cast a shadow. But that’s the beauty in it. We can’t appreciate the good moments if we never had any bad ones. We can’t appreciate a good friend/partner if we never had a bad one. Think about food. Bad food is one thing compared to good meals. But we wouldn’t appreciate food if unless we have times of hunger. What about a sunny day if we never had a dark rainy one. a bright sunny day to a cold winter night.

I hope this sheds a different light on your life is sad.

Ya know or you probably don’t know. But for the past couple of years i’ve been very sad and depressed. And one day it hit me. “The mystery of life is beautiful.” I watch a lot of motivational speakers and love all sorts of success stories. I’ve been watching ‘how we met stories’ on youtube lately. Wondering how i’ll change the world kinda excites me. Wondering where will i fit in. Wondering how my chemistry will mix with someone else. Wondering why I was created. I think always of my place and position in this world. But my church specifically.

This is to long. But i really appreciated having my first place. You know when i moved in. I prayed giving God thanks for a month morning and evening that i felt more accomplished. A place to call my own. Making my own rules. I’m a man or a king in other words and i needed my own kingdom to rule. Compared to my neighbors who trash the area. I’m happy i even have a place and that it makes me fulfilled. I keep it moderately clean.

We believe in my church the reason why humans are on earth first and not went straight into heaven. God wanted us to appreciate heaven so he had to allow an evil place to compare it to. After living in this hell (bc of sin) i dream and hope for a bright afterlife. To appreciate it.

Wow this is too long i really need to go. :stuck_out_tongue: One day many years ago i walked in the bathroom and said “i know God doesn’t want me to kill myself.” And he shook my head no and almost knocked me down in the process. Im here for a reason. In fact we all are. I believe once we find the place our piece fits in life will make sense.I hope this helps.


Actually, I have a sad life.


Life will change as I repeat it to myself how beatiful it is and talk positive about it

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I love the quote by tony Robbins I’ve said it before.

“If You Want to Change Your Life, Figure Out How Your Worst Day was Your Best Day.”


it is because of those good moments that the bad ones sting so bad.

it is because of those bad moments that the good ones are most enjoyable.

without one the other simply cannot exist otherwise life would be perfect and dull.

finding the balance is the most difficult part imo.

i don’t know what the purpose of schizophrenia is. do you?

sorry if i respond cause idk who your talking to @anon30865512 but is there a purpose to schizophrenia?

hard to say for sure. we never learn everything in this life. even as a species i don’t think we will but seeing as we know so lil about schizophrenia (or anything in general) the point might not be clear to us yet. might not be one at all. who knows.

imo having schizophrenia is one way to have an obstacle to overcome instead of life being too easy, something progressive that continues to better us. though without it life would be much better i agree.

i think it’s more important to focus on working with it instead of finding out the reason for it because we learn about the latter along the way. i could be wrong.

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My personal purpose to getting schizophrenia is to learn how to put it in remission and share the method with others, hopefully by becoming a doctor. I’ll go back to school once my symptoms are 100% shut down.

I think we just age out of it, I read around the age of 65 it goes away.

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That’s true sometimes, but I want to speed up the recovery. 65 is like late middle age pretty much, I want schizophrenics to get the prime of their life back.

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I want to age slower and age out earlier.

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@Grace_Mercy I really liked your thoughts on this.

I think you can change your view on life by HOW you are living it and what you choose to have in it. None of us would choose to have the issues/struggles that we do. But how we deal with them is important. I honestly believe that signs of ‘good’ are everywhere if you look for them.

I try to stay away from most (media) that makes me feel bad unless it something that I can help change for the better, also I try to spend my time doing things that I feel are positive and are more in tune to the person that I hope to become.

If you feel life is sad, find something that you can help change out of sadness. Being able to change something for the better gives everyone hope.


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