Life is out there - Live it! Anybody else enjoy cycling?

I’m a cyclist, going on a bike tour this weekend with the bike club. I’ll one-up @mortimermouse perhaps, planning to ride ab out 150 miles of road with 10,000 feet of climb, beat that @mortimermouse, and I’m 48 years old :blush:

This is the other reason shy I believe mine started with a stroke, this activity plus my psychotic ex-husband.

TOMRV is the Tour of the Mississippi River Valley, a Midwest cycling
tradition now in its 37th year. Every year 1,500 bicycling enthusiasts
come to ride the TOMRV tour. They enjoy a challenging ride on scenic
roads, through Midwest farmland, and along the Mississippi River

We leave on Saturday June 7, 2014 from Bettendorf, Iowa (106 miles) or
from Goose Lake, Iowa and travel to Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa.
The next day we return using a different route to Bettendorf (90 miles)
or to Goose Lake. The route is varied and scenic, using lightly traveled
paved roads. There are many views of the Mississippi River as we ride
along it, over it on bridges, and through it on causeways. The route is
hilly near Dubuque, with 6,000 feet of climbing on Saturday and 4,000
feet on Sunday

You will have top-notch support services on the tour. The Quad Cities
Bicycle Club provides many rest stops on the way with free food and
refreshments. Additional food is sold along the route by civic and
church organizations. Upon arriving at Clarke, the legendary TOMRV
banquet is waiting for you. Clarke University will open its dormitories
for our overnight stay.

This is TOMRV, a tradition of good riding, good scenery, challenging
hills, good food, and an overall good time. So if this is for you, then
plan to ride with us this year.

Please visit for more information.


last weekend, I did 44 mountain bike trail miles in Wisconsin through some really amazing railroad tunnels on the Elroy Sparta Trail


I do not have an automobile and I ride my bicycle every day. It is one way to transport myself. Bicycle paths here are very good. I ride at least 12 kilometers a day, that is 7-8 miles a day.


Five Most Bike Friendly Cities in Europe


What a great discussion thread - thanks for posting this ! I love biking. Need to do it more too.

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I bike 2-3 times a week, usually 10-15miles at a leisurely pace.



do u even lift? JK good for you, I used to bike before I got into martial arts and weightlifting. It makes you sorta high, actually really high when you do it for hours, and drink plenty of water and keep sodium in you. They say salt is bad for you. Salt is bad for couch potatoes. Athletes deplete their sodium levels every time they workout, when I was in Krav Maga, lifting and running and training in hand to hand combat every day, I would pour salt on my dinner. My uncle who played football in high school said that in the first week, their gear had salt crystals from their sweat in it, then after the first week they were sodium deficient and didnt sweat out salty sweat.

I eat salty cheap noodles before training and put salt on my dinner. Keep in mind that you need to have sodium and electrolytes in you. I suggest tons of sports drinsk like Gatorade, buy it in powder form in bulk, and maybe even carbohydrate powder, what I call “gatorade on crack” this stuff called glycofuse that is the secret to how powerlifters train for three hours. We drink two scoops of that stuff, thats 50g of fast absorbing carbohydrates ingested while working out. I often feel like Im gassed and then drink some of it and it hits me pretty quick.

Just dont get faint or eat too much fiber before the big bike ride. You dont want to have a messy load of number 2 ask to come out while you are biking. Eat bananas and low fiber carbs the day before the long haul.

Ask me if you have any questions, I have been a runner, biker, martial artist, bodybuilder, and recently a powerlifter.

yes I even life weights during the winter to keep conditioned, but would not consider myself a ‘body builder’.

to bike 70 miles or so, I drink 1 bottle of water and I eat ‘something’ like a cookie or energy bar each hour. I stop every 30 miles to eat something more substantial, like a sandwich or yogurt to keep energy levels going so I don’t ‘crash’. Crashing is when you burn up so many calories that you don’t have anything left, at that point, almost have to just quit and start over tomorrow.

I average 15 mph, so 30 miles is about 2 hours give or take the wind/street traffic.

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You’ve got the dreamer going in me.

I used to cycle but haven’t since 2001…just haven’t had one…i won’t count going a couple hundred feet on my kids one speed, LOL… 10 speeds or 12 speeds where I would do miles I haven’t had since 2001…

^ I seriously do not do this on purpose! it just happens…11:11
I mean getting the 11th post…I do post the screen shot when i see I have 11 of 11 down in the corner :slight_smile:

glad to hear you have found something so exciting to do… and it sounds like you are quite good at it…way to go !!!

I have worked in paris, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, not to mention many more.
I would never, ever consider riding a bike in Paris, what a nuthole they way they drive/ride, you take your life in your hands anytime you step out in public.

Holland (the Netherlands) has to be the best, that is, IF you can find your bike amongst the gazillions where you last parked it.

I think it so neat to see people of any age, grandma’s, grandpa’s, everyone on bikes, no one is too old to get on a bike. That’s why they don’t have so many overweight people either.

I have had a bike my entire life, but I’m guilty of using the motorcycle for the last 9 years instead of my bicycle.
This post has got me wanting to break out my bike again and go for a ride in the evenings when it has cooled down.

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I saw this Hovenring in the National Geographic a while back. Holland built this bridge for bicyclists. pretty cool.


that is really really cool! I wonder what else there is to do in that town, they have a bridge that goes in circles :slight_smile:

The world’s most incredible bike routes

I’m cycling most days now - i bought an electric bike because i’m not always so sporty… but i don’t use it on long rides 5-6 miles and above i take my sports bike

but i’m doing London to Brighton night ride again this year and it’s 60 miles, so i’m sometimes a bit sporty…

maybe i can stop being intimidated by the sporty ness of it or stop being so weak or sedated or lazy but I’m just not capable all the time…

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My favorite place to bicycle is Sanibel Island. Love all the growth over the bike paths, and the intoxicating South Florida fragrances as you roll along :palm_tree:

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that is beautiful! I’ll have to put that on my bucket list!

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