Life is good enough for this old spinster

Good food, a bed and fellowship. Did I forget a bathroom? computer? boom box? enough money? I’ve got it good.


You do. I don’t have fellowship, a computer, a boombox. I have a car, and it’s taken forever to pay it off.

I don’t have an iphone.

Me neither. I’d like to get one.

How do you get on this forum without a pc or iphone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy phone.

What’s the difference between that and an iphone?

iphone is really expensive, samsung is an android and you can get em cheap.

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I’ve got an iPhone 11 pro but I spend almost all of my forum time on my old rusty laptop. I’m glad you have what you need @chordy!

On The Subject of Technological Updates, (Phones as an Example). I Honestly Find The Silence of The Neighborhood Streets More Fulfilling Than Say, Walking Down The Highway With Song’s Playing Alongside The Brush of The Traffic.

Which May Seem Strange to Some.

But During The Last Eclipse, My Therapist And I Got on The Subject of That Amazing Natural Nature Pattern. And I Gave Her Some Advice. (Yes, I Know, I’m a Patient Ha And Ha).

But Seriously, I Told Her Not to Record it With Her Technological Advancement.

But!, To Experience The Entire Short Lived Phenomenon in Her Personal Sphere of Reality.

To Find Meaning, Purpose, Reasons, Out in The Public Gathering of Questioning Witnesses.

I Mean it’s Nature Afterall.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam Dream (sleepoptimistic)
:owl: :alien: :owl:

I’m glad, @chordy. I’m starting to see that my life is good enough for me, too. Things will always change but not always for the worse. I have everything I need and then some so I’m trying to practice gratitude every day. It can be hard in the midst of a depressive episode but I still try.

I’m an old spinster, but I’m still feeling young.

I have a good apartment, and plenty of food, and good friends. I’m doing ok.

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Make sure to keep it that way.:slight_smile:

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Great to hear @chordy !