Life is dull

i cant find anything exciting
my body and my mind and my emotions are suffering
in my spare time when i am supposed to be fine
i attacked by depression
------one may say just forget it
i do but i cant watch movies or series and suffer in reading books
i cant exercise becoz i m obese
and threats in my head
i am totally unwell :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Relatable. Weight loss and a healthier body would do me good. But I’m comfortable living in monotony.

Everyday, sleep, listen to music and smoke. That’s all I get upto. It’s holding me back cognitively and it’s making passing university a lot more difficult than need be.

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do you think if i return to watch porngraphy regulary like before
my life will be more exciting than it is now ?

Probably not. Pornography would just make you zombie and unergetic id imagine? That’s not what I call interesting or fun in the least bit.

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it will fill the gap of boredom i think
and this is a benefit at least

Have you tried exercise? Even a simple walk with a relative or friend?

I watch it occationally. I was addicted to it when I was younger. I hope you two are fine.

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i am unmotivated to do so
i feel -you may understand that-prevented by a invisible power affect me and prevent me from walking regularly
i walk from time to time but not regularly

these was my lonely fun before my illness
i was waiting for vacations to watch them
alot of them

You had better to date a girl friend or a partner. It is not healthy to watch a lot of porn.

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Would a sense of competition perk you up? I have learned to dislike competition but I know it can drive people to be active and less self conscious.

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Its difficult to find a hobby, it seems its either to dangerous or unhealthy or not safe. I don’t know what to do either.

Can you go for a short walk each day? Try and turn it into a longer walk?

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Running or walking is a good hobby for us and We can do some exercise by walking or running.

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Before you go walking, check with your doctor. You could get an heardattack. To much reading is bad for the eyes, you might need glasses later in your life.

I’m always on the internet looking up new videos about video games. Get yourself a hobby, anything that interests you or maybe a previous interest you had, and try to take it to the next level.

I’ve already tried and have successfully streamed me playing video games, it was a goal I had, was I any good at it, did it lead anywhere? NO but I had fun and it taught me a lot of respect for those who can and do stream and play professionally. I still play games, but I can’t play for 8 hours like a professional.

Sorry I got more invested in my journey there. Anyway find something you do, invest a little of your spending money into it, and see if it takes you anywhere. Explore where you can and try to see what sticks.

I recommend audio books to you, because you said you struggle with reading, and I think audio books are easier to take in because I think listening is just a tad bit easier and less straining unless you’re hard of hearing.

Do go ask your doctor about your heart health, because you need to get active. Swimming I found very refreshing, something about the water and the sensation of it being a different environment sort of boosted me and because its easy on the joints I was able to do a good 30-45 minutes of it. Now I struggle and do just about 30 but its still ok, progress is down the road not the path you take to get there.


I went to the pool, but i am not the only one with that bright idea. They are many people and its difficult to find a spot to swim a lap. Too much tension.

I find the best activity is meditating in bed.


Life. And The Word Dull. Gotta Be Honest, I Found That The Last Obstacle In My Life To Conquer Was The Waiting Period. I Waited For One Full Year To Get My First Apartment.

Seeing ‘One Year’, In Letter Format May Seem Slightly Tiresome. In The Respect That You May Think I’m Complaining A Bit Too Much. But!, It Was A Long Year. A Long…, Tiresome…, Year.

Now!, That I’m Sitting On My Recording Studio Couch, With A Tasty Beverage, As That One Guy Said In That Quentin Tarantino Film. A Really Good One That Goes By The Name, ‘Pulp Fiction’.

I Can Say, Well…, It Wasn’t That Long Of A Wait. Truth Be Told, Ever Since I Got Older, A Bit More Wiser, My Life Became Less & Less Dull. I Can Remember Years Back, The Days Would Creep Along, Very Slowly. I Would Be Struggling To Keep Up With The Pace of “normal” Existence. Confused. Bored. Slightly Suicidal. And Not Doing Much Other Than Trying To Figure Out The Meaning of Life. Which Jus Means::~ You Are Alive. Hopefully, Sensibly. And Reasonably.

If Life Is Dull, Seek Inspiration. Seek Fulfillment. Seek Comfort. Seek Grace. And Stop Seeking Trouble. That’s If You Can Help It. Unless You Really Want The Police Knocking On Your Door At 3:00 a.m. . . And Who Wants That Kind Of Nonsense?. I Mean Other Than The Characters From The Tarantino Films. Cause Those Guys Can Handle Cops (!!!).

O.k. I Admit, Weak Joke. And I Lost My Train Of Thought. . .

Point Is…, Life Can Be Slow Sometimes. But!, With Voices, Hallucinations, Illusions, Delusions, All On The Scales, And Judgment Of What Is Real Within The Sphere Of “reality”.

How Can It Really Be Dull (???).

Unless You Really Aren’t Schizophrenic. Well…, If That’s The Case. Perhaps You Have Other Things To Worry About. Other Than Being Bored Sitting Around Being Tired Of Playing Video Games.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) (0.3) (0.4)

It’s spring or autumn time. So going out to feel the warm, balmy air is a bonus to you exercizing. You just need to be a little more calm and patient to feel the seasonal changes in the air around your house. This way you can get rid of the habit of watching Porngraphy.