Life is boring when you quit

I quit smoking this Saturday and I gotta admit it is a lot easier then smokers told me.

The problem is I get very bored so bored that I need to do something, I usually take a ride with my bike to the lake and eat something. But yeah, it’s easy not smoking


That’s great to hear. Cigarettes can be sneaky though. I hope you can stay off them.


I quit once for three months and boredom got to me


Drink plenty of water.


Yeah, I bought an orange soda, I’m good


I so badly want and need to quit smoking. I hope that i find it easier than i think. My financial life is out of control and i feel desperate. I’m praying that my brother can help me figure out what to do

Yeah it’s amazing how much time is spent smoking or preparing to smoke. When you quit you suddenly have time and it adds up over a day! I found replacing bad behavior with good is the way to go. If your bored go for a walk. Do something physical. Try not to eat all the time…that isn’t so good on psych meds and you often feel like eating more!


how does smoking help boredom?

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