Life is a matter of robbing Peter to pay Paul

Like I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off thinking I owe the world something more than I know.

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And sometimes Mary.


I saw them in concert back in the day.

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Me too. They knew how to entertain without all the histrionics.


Yeah, same with John Denver when I saw him. Just him, a microphone and a guitar.

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Compromise is social life. It’s not easy but you give and take. Unless you need to give or you need to take it pretty well ends up the way it does… I give way too much in relationships because I need so little out of them. Yeah it gives me some strength but it also gives me some lonely time becuase that need isn’t met.

Hmm. . .

Wouldn’t Paul Get Arrested For Robbing Peter?.

Last Time I Heard, That Is Against The Law.

Although I Did Once Steal A Twix Candy Bar When I Was Really, Really Young.

I Remember As I Stepped Out Of The Store I Thought, ‘Aww Jeeze’.

I felt so guilty from walking out of the library with a book I was stealing that I snuck it back in afraid someone would notice

You didn’t have a library card?

Zero-sum nonsense.

That’s describing Robin Hood! Wealth redistribution.

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yes but it was a case of me being a criminal
I wanted this book to keep. I told myself no one had checked it out in 20 years.

The thing is it was written in Greek - I was learning New Testament Greek which wouldn’t allow me to read it.

The book was Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I liked the idea - I wouldn"t. be interested if I could read it.

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