Life is a machine

We need to understand that we, life is a machine and it can be better if we follow the truth that govern this so called machine and it can get worse if we don’t follow the rules it is governed by.

This forum on Schizophrenia helps us share with each other what works for life-machine and what doesn’t.

I hope you understand this simple yet rare truth and make the most of it and do enjoy life.

What you talkin bout Willis?


I’m saying we are machines and need proper care.

You could make the argument that we are all animals.

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Our World — World = Universe = Everything = 100% Finite Existence is a single machine with so many events… Events = Pictures = Frames of reference …

Our World is a machine.

All Life - Life is a subset of World.

Life like World is also a machine.

Some machines have logic and some reasoning and some both.

The simple truth that we are machines relieves us from bonds of ignorance, it’s freedom, the freedom that comes with knowing truth that we are machines indeed.

My last word: I don’t mean - before death … lol

Life is a machine.

We live in our home. Our home is 100% Finite Existence or World or Universe or Everything.

This Everything collectively known as Single Entire World or just World is a Machine.

World is a Machine.

Life is a subset of this Machine.

Life is a Machine.

Entire World is one Changing World. Changes are localized or can be said to have Frames of reference.

So one World has many events or different parts changing or having different clocks.

Everything is a variation or picture or event. There are unlimited variations or pictures or events.

Life also has unlimited individuals differing is something chemical and also differing in patterns.

Life is a machine.

Some machines have logic, some reasoning and, some both.

Every word in dictionary is related to Life’s patterns, stories, emotions, possibilities, memories, simply put variations.

Life is a machine.

Machines have variations.

You are a machine.

I am a machine.

We are machines.

Machine or Machines are constantly changing.

My final word: No no I’m not dieing… lol

Life is a machine.

Life could be a machine

But I see life as an adventure

I feel that I became indifferent. Almost as machine.