Life in the big city

So I was out driving around town today. I went to my favorite restaurant. I was coming home to my downtown house and I missed my turn and so I pulled over onto another street to get my bearings. I saw a sign that said “construction” and I pulled over to the curb. I was lost and confused and then I tried to shut my window because it was raining.

I have power windows and I hit the wrong button and rolled down the back window by mistake. I was still confused and then the next thing I know some lady sticks her head through the back window into my car and says, “Hi there, you looking for something honey”? She looked to be in her forties and it was raining but she wasn’t wearing a coat and she was wearing barely anything.

She gave me a big smile and looked me in the eye. She caught me by surprise and I said, " No, I’m OK" . And then it dawned on me. She was a hooker. I think she thought I pulled over to get her attention but I didn’t even see her until she poked her head through the window. She looked at me and I looked at her and she realized her mistake and she got embarressed. She turned and walked away and joined another women who was also hardly dressed. The thought crossed my mind… Well, lets just say an armorous thought crossed my mind. But I thought, “Nah”. and drove off. Reminds me of my drug using days.


I don’t really live in a big city but i live on the bad side of the city where the buildings are old and run down, and the schools have some of the lowest ratings in the state. I heard that a tech place was helping out some kids at a local school and had raised some of their reading levels by two grades and wondered where they were at before then. Crime is a fairly serious matter here too. And as my central heat runs in this newer apartment I think of the poor people in another apartment outside my window who pay only $30 on utilities because they are expected to have their own heating and cooling units. I didn’t see any kids playing around here today even though it snowed and I imagine they were afraid to go outdoors or inadequately dressed to do so.