Life in a dreary rainy day


It’s winter. The air is cold. What makes it worse is this is a rainy day today. No sunshine, no warmth. I sit in a couch with a banket covering my tummy and legs. I don’t want to use the airconditioner so early. There will be more chilly days in December, January and February. So I should save electricity for those really cold times. But maybe I should buy a heater for myself.


Yeah, portable space heaters are great. But remember, " You get what you pay for". It’s not always good to buy the cheapest item. You have to be wiling to invest a little money.


Get some really warm socks. If your feet are warm, your whole body stays warm.
We are having more rain this Friday, we need it desperately. It isn’t as bad as the winter days being so short and dark. Too much darkness makes me crabby.


Well actually, you lose heat from your extremities. That means hands, your head AND your feet.


I know I’m just odd, but I happen to love rainy afternoons. The blankets, the pillows… and of course… if you have trouble getting warm… something hot to drink.

I find it’s easier for me to warm my outsides if my insides get warmed up too.

Hope you have a good book and get to enjoy a snuggly nap.


in summer I go on ebay and I buy jumpers cardigans and coats etc because no one wants them then and you can get them cheaply at tht time of year Ive just bought a 15 tog winter duvet cause I refuse to go another year with a really thin duvet. its good snuggly weather make soups and stews and watch dvds spring will be here soonx


Ok, maybe I should have said get a hat, gloves and warm socks and you will feel warmer.
All I know is when my feet are cold, I can’t seem to get warmer. As long as my feet are toasty warm, the rest of me can be cold and I don’t care.

Mmmmmmm, did I just mention toast?


I wish I could give three hearts to you for this kind of small argument. I like it so much!!! This kind of small argument reminds me of my childhood friends.


I’d bet if we were kids again and lived by each other, we would be good friends. (I consider you a good friend right now!) :smile::smile::smile:


exactly! I like your posts. Often I imagined what do you look like and hoped we could live near each other and then we could spend an afetrnoon together sharing a pot of hot tea…


I’m just a plain jane so to speak, short, average build, brown slightly wavy hair a bit below my sholders, and blue eyes. I like to laugh at silly things, and can be a bit silly too.
With the internet, the world has become very small, so today we share a cup of
:coffee:️ Virtual Tea
:bread: and I’ll make some delicious (virtual) toast to go along with the tea, Mmmmmmmm


Thank you for your tea and toasts! Yummy…

I am short (160cm) and average build, too. My hair just reached my shoulders. I’am a bit introverted but very kind at heart , and have a good sense of humour. For most of the time in a day I read news, history and inspirational books. I like Ceylon teas.