LIFE............................. Hey, he likes it. Hey Mikey!

My life is so weird. My life is over at some point each day, several times a day. But I just put one foot in front of the other and keep going and good stuff happens to me every day and life is not that bad. I hate my living situation a little, but the food is good, I’m free to come and go as I please, and the people are friendly about half of the time. I get out every day and the people at 7-11 where I get ice every day know me, are friendly and don’t hassle me. I feel hopeless in some ways during the day, but I get a good nights sleep and I almost always wake up feeling better and ready to face the challenges all of us on here face every day.


You are a great inspiration to us here @77nick77, keep on trucking!


bless you, nick

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