Life goes on pt 3

So I’ve been living. Even as a schizo life goes on. Still half convinced that they’re all telepathic. You kind of get used to the ■■■■■■■■ they say. Maybe it’s making me a harder and more solid person. Less shaken by the little things. How long will this go on? That’s the question its been two years. I hate that I’ve actually managed to enjoy life a little bit. I never wanted to adapt to this ■■■■. I wanted my old blind life back. Goodnight y’all. Merry Christmas.

It would be nice to be able to have that. But I know you know that once that box is opened… it doesn’t shut again.

Adapting is a great step… not being thrown by this anymore is a very good sign in healing.

After you adapt… then you can over come…

Good luck and I hope you have a nice winter kick off.


A good sign Bryan!
Whatever it is in life—we all have to adapt and grow up and even have a little fun…you`re doing fine!**

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Maybe try meditating. Although it will open your mind it will cause you less anxiety and worry and more fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. Idk I just meditated for 10 minutes and I’m feeling really good right now. I bought 22 spiritual books off ebay for $32 and I’m reading one on meditation to start. Its great.