Life from my perspective

I am very very happy being myself.
I don’t care what others say.
There are things that I am unhappy with in Israel, for example the prices of groceries are high,
the prices of housing are high, the public transportation doesn’t function well.
These are facts.
I hope these issues are resolved in the future.
It is true that I can’t function but I don’t mind.
I would be glad to improve but there is no charm to solve my problems and I don’t want to complain all the time,
and in the end the desire to improve is egotistic and I don’t like egotism.
Still, if given a chance to improve I will take it.
I love the haredi males in Israel( the females I don’t know).
They are a pleasure to deal with.
I don’t know if I should meet them and study Torah or try to study undergraduate mathematics,but certainly I can’t do both.
If somebody in Israel is reading this message please come to my place and help me get on disability.
I want to go on disability and my parents do nothing about it.


Erez, call the disability office and ask for an appointment.