Life & Death (Trigger Warning Inside)


Life & Death.

Living, Hopeful, Alive. Poetic.


Lost, Resentful, Angry. Jealous.

If You Appreciate Life, Tormented By Those Who Worship Death. Who Wound You, Leaving Psychological Bruises With The Intent To Be Always Remembered. No Matter How Far Away (Physically), You Become From The Moral Criminals Who Reside Within You Like Ticks And Leeches.

What’s The Reasoning For Remembering Them In Any Way Whatsoever?.


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P.s. If You Are In Any Real Danger Or Threat Of Harm, Alert The Authorities.

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One Must Ask Themselves, When It Comes To Questioning Those Who Thrive Among Spiritually Suicidal Intentions. Why Give Any Thought, Even Within The Faintest Sliver Of Reality Upon Those Individuals. It May Seem That Commonsense & Understanding Could Help Rescue Those Odd Creatures. But!, If Your Wisdom Falls On Deaf Ears, All That Is Left Is Sacrificing Important Time Among Your Own Dreams.

And That’s Where One Must Draw A Line In The Sand And Carry On Without Losing It All To Please Willful Ignorance And Insane Jealousy.

It Either Helps Or Hurts In The End. So Peacefully Call It Quits And Wander On.

God bless you and I think in this way I can drive the ghosts out of your body.


Your Statement Seems Slightly Strange.

What Ghosts, In My Body, Are You Referring To?.


Hello Again @walterchang.

Could You Elaborate On Your Thought, As Unusual As It Seems, With The Idea Of Ghosts Living Separately Inside Of The Shell That Keeps Our Bones Intact.

I Kinda Have The Same View On Mind & Body, Although. . .

The Aura, Our Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Spirit, All Of Our Circuits Of Energy, Our Shadow, And The Line That Outlines Our Flesh. But!, That Is All Of Us, Inside Of Us, That Makes Us, Us.

Is Not A Different Living Being Inside Of Our Shell.

I’m Not An Actual Scientist Or Anything, So What Do I Truly Know. I’m Kinda Going More So On What I Witness As I Walk Through Life, Upon What Drives Me Forward. The Human Being That I Am. As Rob Zombie Says, ‘More Human Than Human’.

I think I just pray for you and it can drive the ghosts out of your body.

You know it is a type of ancient magic. Maybe it is useful or maybe not.

Also,I had Sz for 25 years and I am from Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

Agree To Disagree.

There Are No Ghosts Inside Of My Body.

Not really. I think it is an ancient magic. In ancient times, people pray for God or heaven or to cure their relatives’ disease.

Maybe it useful, maybe not.

Agree To Disagree.

yes, You are right. There is no ghosts in your body.

In ancient China, when people got illness, they always thought that maybe there were some ghosts in the patients bodies.

It is a type of superstitious.

They are your greatest teachers

The Question Arrives.

You Say, “they”, I Ask, WHO?.

Now The Question. . .,

Why Didn’t You Make Your Query More Visible Without Leaving It Open Ended With The Word, “they”?.

the ticks and leeches, why of course

It’s A Good T00L Song.

I Can’t Remember The Album It Was Off Of. Maybe LATERALUS. I’m Not Sure.

I Kinda Veered Slowly Away From Those Guys After I Purchased That Album.

The One Before That When I Was Pushed To Go Into Alternative School, Was What Kept Me Going Until I Got My First Job In ‘Working Class Hero’ Land.

Good Song, Don’t Understand Why He Was Murdered. John Lennon Was A Genius.

N e Hoo.

Thanx!, For Your Addition To The Thread!.

Remembering the past is a tool to avoiding pitfalls in the future. If you have a psychological bruise that you can’t stop thinking about, then you need to do some work on it. Things like making strategies so it can’t happen again to you, and acknowledging the pain and feeling it. If it is a big one, then get help from a psychologist or therapist I would recommend.

Not for the feint of heart, I had a recently tried healing an old, bad psychological wound and it was hell on earth for a day.

Those Are Sometimes The Worse. It Is Of Pure Solid Wisdom To Collect Hopeful Data About Your Personal Sphere Of Existence Within Short Bursts Of Realization Within Hope, Joy, Love & Peace.


My Personal Opinion On The Beatles As A Group Was Astonishment. Although I Had My Favorite Artists Within That Circle Of U.F.O’s. More So, George Harrison Than John Lennon. It Jus Seemed George Was Thus Tree Planting Hippy Fellow.

Then!, I Grew Older. And John Lennon’s Slightly Dark Sarcastic Manner Lit A Fuse In My Personal Life About Seeing Thus Universe Not As It Seems To Be.

Especially Within Civilization & Culture.

And Paul Always Seemed Like Everything Was Handed To Him. SoO0…, I Jus Ignored His Effort’s Completely.

Long Story Short, I Became An Olde Man Myself And See It All A Bit Differently. Which In The End Result Turned Into A Great Respect For The Entire Crew.

And So On And Such.

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