Life changing too fast

My dad had a stable job for twenty years. He recently announced retirement. During the whole time I’ve traveled some, held small work for short time.

He always did finances bills on his own I never got to see much of our financial situation. Now unemployment, Liberty mutual etc has opened up to me and I am overwhelmed.

It’s like I was shaded from the real world and got a big dose quick it has been messing with my stress and meds

I don’t know what country you’re in - in the UK we have THE CITIZEN’S ADVICE BUREAU where we can go for free legal advice on most things - benefits - debts - legal matters - do you have somewhere like this where you live? You need advice and being told the best thing to do.


I can tell you how easy it is sometimes to do finances but it probably won’t help you. The easiest finances to deal with are banks and credit cards. You can set those up online and deal with them at your leisure. Maybe your financial situation is complicated. But you can pay most recurring bills online and have them automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Unemployment is a hassle if you are talking about getting unemployment benefits. That takes going to the Unemployment Agency in person to apply but where I am you can set up an appointment and avoid the lines. Were you talking about Unemployment Benefits? But filling out forms can be daunting but if you have patience you can work your way through them.

My financial situation is pretty simple. I make three different credit card payments online each month.The money for my cell phone service is automatically deducted from my credit card each month without me doing a thing. My social Security check is direct deposited into my bank account the beginning of each month and I go to the bank to withdrew cash to pay my rent.

It also helps to write a budget every month so to keep track of what money is coming in and what money is going out. Take a sheet of paper and label it “income” and write down in a coulomb all your income and where it’s coming from. Then on another sheet of paper write “expenses” and make a coloum of every bill that needs to paid each month, For instance mine would be:

Gas --$100.00
Food–$380.00 (that’s a LOT for one person but my diet requires me to eat a lot of dairy and meat which is expensive)
Cell phone–$40.00
Credit card payments–$100.00
And don’t forget: Entertainment–$60.00

See, that’s a budget. Also you can keep your receipts and at the very end of the month sit down and go through them and copy down on a piece of paper the amount of money and where you spent it. If you do this you may be surprised at where all your money is going. Anyway, maybe I’m not answering your question right
and maybe it’s all moot but this is what works for me.