Life Beyond Death: Real Ghosts

Last night I slept with a candle burning on the table by the bed…it was one of those tall glass ones…and about 2 am I heard a crack and the glass broke and fell on top of a book my deceased wife Lisa had -
“Our Ultimate Reality - Life, the Universe, and the Destiny of mankind…”
I am sending pic of the book cover and what it looked like after the candle glass fell…a clear L with a small J at the top of it in wax right next to the Eye! (my first name begins with J…)

I immediately thought Lisa might have broke that glass and when I turned the light on I spotted those 2 letters… yup…

Funny, I had written on the dungeon wall in February something like “If you say ‘as long as we both shall live’ in your wedding vows instead of ‘till death do us part’ like most people do, that makes it more permanent even after one dies…in fact, Lisa and I did those vows like that deliberately.”

I actually like having her around like this, and at least the candle glass ddnt fall on my head though it could have…LOL…so she’s not mad at me…just sending signs…

By the way, when I left 6 months ago the book “Angels and Demons” was on the foot of the upstairs bed frame…when I came home it was tossed on the floor and that blue book was there in its place…I knew Lisa had that but never read any of it or even knew where it was…and its all about deep psychic powers with many chapters earmarked by L…Unfortunately she didnt read the chapter about suicide which explains why people shouldnt ever do it…leaves things undone…made me cry…she was more interested in the power chapters about channeling and astral projection, which she could already do…