Life at 40+

so are all the syptoms gone now are you a normie now do you still take meds?

Well I take my meds. I’m still far from a normie in how I feel and function though.

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I have my moments but live pretty well. I’m still on meds at 49 same levels as I was when 30. I feel a lot better these days though. I don’t know if it’s from age and the lessening of symptoms or the fact I’ve better strategies for dealing with symptoms. I’d probably say it’s a combination of both.


I took the day off from my work , i made a coffee and reading u guys.

life at 44 is still good for me thanks to my drug iam out of symptoms .


At age 58 I don’t have the energy I need to do more stuff. I have the motivation and desire but sometimes the laws of physics take over and I can’t find the energy to go out at night. I’m still on meds, always will be. The symptoms are way more manageable and less intense, less intrusive.


LS! Life at 61 is okay. I am still sort of young. I always cared about my health, but that did not stop me from becoming overweight and inactive not exercising a lot of the time. For the last one and a half year I have been dieting and exercising daily. The average life expectancy for a man in the Western World with schizophrenia is 59.9 years. So I am trying very hard to beat these statistics.

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