Life: a perspective

Probably my favorite and most interesting abstraction I think about is the reality that we are just part of grand program. The laws of physics are it’s operational routines. The chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids. The body itself being a machine with inputs and outputs. The environment at large being a sandbox filled with all the components to make these programs manifest and work. It is difficult to pinpoint how life started but once it did it became one of the most persistent forces on the planet earth. In the future we might just expand that territory and carry life with us to the stars and exo-planets. Were all just genetic programs in this universe computer. It is an amazing perspective to construct because it sets the platform for self understanding. There are some things you just can’t change but next to this is an even more immense list of things you can change. For that list includes what you can do. The potentials of the human experience are so profoundly expansive it makes it really difficult to decide just what you want to be. Or at least for me.


what is plant life doing with technology

I think plants will play a large role in our future. Genetic manipulation of them that is. We’ve already drastically effected the natural ecosphere. As we get farther away from naturally engineered environment I believe it will become less taboo to manipulate it further. I think it’ll become a must in saving our planet. Plants don’t do ■■■■ with technology but as we learn more about environmental balance and genetic engineering doors will open up to save this place.

In the future I think it might become a more practical thing to think about but the planet itself is priceless. Perfect gravity and environment for human beings. Instead of terraforming other planets we should just turn the earth into a spaceship.

coolzfiber optic spaceship

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