Liberation day

In 2 days it will be liberation day in my country. We were freed at 5th of May 1945. They are showing many things about the war on tv, im watching a documentary about d-day. All those young boys… :’( It is giving me chills. They are interviewing old American men who fought in ww2. Im so grateful they came to fight for our freedom, they had such courage. I dont think i would be so brave.

What does freedom mean for you? Do you feel free?


Freedom for me is to be freed from ugly parts of my soul, the hardest thing to attain,

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Not even close.

People being able to do what they want without infringing on others’ physical safety or property. Currently we have a system where things are enforced by the threat of imprisonment if we don’t pay, pay, pay. Can hardly think of anything that isn’t taxed.

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