LGBT question

Could everyone be considered partially bisexual?

I have this question in my head for years. I remember I read this Freud theory- that everyone is bisexual.

Mostly articles, and most ppl says no.

What’s your opinion?

I hope there won’t be people who hate LGBT

Hmm, I would have said no, because I don’t seem to enjoy sex with other women, but when I reached the age of 30 I fell deeply in love with a woman. So maybe I am partially bisexual, but of course I can only speak for myself.


Actually it’s not an easy question… but I saw so many different theories about it, that I was simply curious can those theories be applied in real life :smiley:

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Overall, what I mainly think, is that actually it should be like this:
truly bisexual,
truly homosexual or heterosexual.
And yeah, it can change over years (sexuality)


No. It’s normal, for a straight person, to acknowledge that a another person of the same sex is attractive.

The difference for bisexual/pansexual/gay people is that they are drawn to that attractive person. They might feel a bit aroused, just by admiring them. They might fantasize about them. They might want to be with them. They want to strike up a conversation and see where it goes.

But straight people typically just stop at, “Wow, that person is really good looking. I wish I was that sexy.” Or something like that. And then they think about something else. They don’t sit there and daydream about the person.


I’ve had a thought like that a time or 2.

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Well said Blossom!


I’ve been tempted to date a woman before but I’ve never followed through with it bc of my upbringing.


Honestly we wouldn’t truly know unless society radically accepts LGBT people

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Not really, I am a Man and i like Women,

its pretty simple to me.

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What @Blossom said!

I nominate her as the official forum explainer.



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Toxic masculinity makes everyone scared to not be manly enough

The answer to your question is yes, but you’ll get a lot of answers trying to simplify heterosexuality

It’s actually a lot more complicated than that, there’s a whole bunch of hormones that go into tricking your brain into not realizing that this is just a skinnier human with longer hair, a higher voice, and an innie instead of an outie.


I wouldn’t say everyone, but a lot of people are. There is such a thing as a totally hetero male.

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I don’t worry if I’m manly or not. I just try to be me.

My husband and I are not at all attracted to the same sex. So, we are not partially bisexual.


I could and did have sex including men when I was young and confused but for decades I’ve been happy with women for sex , although I honestly believe people are born bi gay or straight or somewhere within a range - The important thing is were born with inclinations and to accept them and keep it real somehow easier said than done - It can be very confusing

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I’m a straight male but admittedly had a guy crush on my rock n roll idol, Ian Astbury the lead singer of the band the Cult.

It was nothing sexual but I admired his good looks and charisma