LGBT groups denounce 'dangerous' AI that uses your face to guess sexuality


I have mixed feelings about this. I’m asexual, so it’s not really my fight, but a) I’m not sure it is truly scientifically accurate reporting and b) if it is, it suggests what I’ve always suspected; being gay is purely biological.


I’m curious about it. I’d like to know what it says about me. I’ve always been an admitted historical bisexual who is now sexually non active.


is this going to end up like that old timey scientist who measured peoples cranium circumference with calipers thinking cranium and brain size determined intelligence?


ewww man… those are some bad scientists.

That’s some prejudice ■■■■. Dude what is it with straight people trying to play that game from the get go?


I usually look at clothing rather than faces when it comes to dudes.




yeah there wasn’t much consistency in those findings… even regarding left-handed or right-handed dominance which was highly rumored to be a trait reflecting hemispherical dominance.

I don’t really believe in much beyond neuropalsticity… it can all be pushed and expanded and all that just like with physical exercise. In fact physical exercise changes the brain just as much as anyone else.

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lol. yes. i think medicine/ biology/ anatomy had it share of big misses back then. If i remember right, old time medical people once tried to figure out if a persons size, shape , and position of skull indentations (common to all humans) could tell the them the persons personality traits.

Basically the prejudice stems from human beings being comprised of two things mainly… sexual desire… and then insecurity in the face of what prevents us from getting it.

Not totally untrue… but the slant is that many folk actually do have different standards. So this universal bias of visual appeal and physical function…

I really do wish that mentality was on that scale… but it’s so funny how quick the fignuts are to figure out a way to make “the game” all about looks and character and not mental prowess… because they feel even more scant a chance of having any foothold there regarding the world…


I don’t know if they could really do it from face. I mean maybe if your a more feminine looking male you might be gay? Or a masculine looking woman you could be lesbian? But some people make a choice to be one or the other, other people just be more intuitive about it.

People already use publicly available information to determine where you stand politically and what marketing tactics work best on you and probably other information too. Maybe they really did eventually find a way to determine who you are better than you ever could.

Or maybe it is like that guy who measured people’s heads to determine intelligence lol

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i am not a prime example of mental prowness myself, but making a machine that can read mind? do radiologist/pathologist even get to to say there opinion is fact?In court, their opinions are stilled called a professional opinions. i think this articial is over stating the machines ability(or whole world is mad). lol

my point is they have not even come up with any kind of blood test for schizophrenia. Lab test (blood test) are doneby loading blood samples into a lab machine that counts the values of a chemical or protien in the blood sample. now i am to believe there is a machine to test gayness? by what methods? i know how lab machines work and that even yhey have to be periodically re-calibrated.

i guess i need to point out here i am not making fun of the op. i am questioning the bold headline of the articial.

I can see a point with needing to be recalibrated but what does schizophrenia have to do with being gay?

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it has mothing to do with it. except that if yhey cant test for schizophrenia in a reliable manner with lab machines, i find it unbelivable they can reliably predict gayness witha machine. biologically i think most people would agree proving gayness much harder than proving schitzophrenia.

Testing for homosexuality is not the same as testing for schizophrenia. They are two different things. Currently, what they they both share is an indefinite cause of either. That doesn’t mean they can’t figure out that you already have one or both.


Facial recognition is used in Windows 10 “Hello” to unlock your tablet/computer/laptop. The soon to be unveiled iPhones this September 12th uses facial recognition to unlock the smartphone.

As long as the software algorithm and the camera hardware does its job at whatever problem or task it is assigned to do then that is all that matters.

I don’t understand the concern the LGBT group has on this innovative technology.

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It’s just a group. Probably not representative of the population as a whole. They’re probably just doing it for attention or the person(s) who wrote that is.

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The concern is that an LGBT-unfriendly government or quasi-government organization like Russia or ISIS might use it to identify people who might be gay and kill or imprison them.

They’re already doing that though, just not with A I.

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what if the wife has decided on the clothing?

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oh no! i never said testing for homosexualy was the same as testing for schitzophrenia. i am wondering what medical technology they are using.(they are not using any) but can they figure it out with a machine? there’s yet no medical proof that a person has schitzophenia or not. It is all based on if a psychiatrist believes a persons symptoms. In the same way, we must believe a person who says s/he is homosexual. If we wanted medical proof of either one we would have to test some type of body tissue or fluid.