Levels of voices or stages

More time spent with voices, its harder to come out.


It breaks the foundation of my character.

Now a days people who surround me thinks, I have no character.

Sz is like water flow, it can not only break foundation, it can divide mountains.

Only way out is to have faith as a seed.

Not trying to be religious but expressing how important is trust and confidence.

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Wow see this relation

This clearly states I have lost my character :disappointed:

The stages of voices I have:

1 voice in the background
1 voice in the forefront
Multiple voices
Multiple voices talking to each other
Voices of dead people
Voices claiming to be god

That’s my experience


Thats a lot @Jonathan2
I always misinterpret information, recently been to hospital there it was written home and I read it as smoke. Then took a second glance it was home indeed.

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It started as whispers
“crazy, lunatic”,
then two, then three voices,
then multiple voices

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Thats sad @Om_Sadasiva
My voices have reduced but memory is been impacted.


Mine started with external voices then I began answering them in my mind.


Mine start as inserted thoughts from Alien the evil spirit
Then his voice in my mind
Then Sarah the good spirit and him talking to each other and to me in my mind
Then Alien yelling at me in my mind till I tell back and get agitated.


Used to have hundreds, thousands upon thousands in a bad episode lasting months on end.

Now I have this female voice at 2 o clock, another voice at 11 o clock and about half a meter away. First they were closer but they are getting distant. Which is good, maybe due to meds.

Sometimes they come closer, and have these “afterthought voices” when I realize there was a voice after I thought something. The whispers are sometimes back, but don’t want them.

I try not to talk to them nor giving them names. Refusal works for me to some degree.

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