Lettuce, veggies, are they still alive?

not to mention meat.

I hate it when I get these thoughts. I just refuse to cook, or eat.

I wouldn’t say that just because it’s organic it’s alive. It depends on your definition I guess. But there is nothing wrong with eating things. We are meant to do so. Veggies are good for our bodies with lots of nutrition. It’s like nature is meaning for us to eat them, or they wouldn’t be good for us.


yeah, it seems to be an impulsive thing, or loving all things,
it doesn’t last long. hunger takes over.

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Eating is what the Universe wants you to do, the biological world is full of meat and plant eating species, the fresher the better, it’s all good… In the game of life the goal is to eat and thrive, and not to be eaten yourself. Fortunately for us we are at the top of the food chain and don’t get eaten very often… occasional shark attack, etc…

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Yes plants are alive and so are animals, so either way you’re killing something, might as well eat what you want.

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When plants, (vegetables and fruits), are pulled or cut out of the ground, tree or vine, they are no longer alive but dead.


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