Letting them down

I wanna say I have a great support team, my parents are doing all they can to understand what is going on, I have been lucky to have an all great, psychiatrist, nurse, therapist, and addictions councillor that all believe I can succeed. But I feel like I am letting them down with my pot use. Last night was supposed to be my last night, but now I’ve already smoked some(don’t worry I am sober now). Now I am seeing demons and they are telling me to do things. Had to take my 20mg prn for zyprexa.

Have you tried narcotics anonymous ?

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If I can quit smoking, I think you can quit pot use. Just saying, don’t start thinking it can’t be done. Because it can be done.

No I haven’t I was going to mention it at my next appointment with my addiction councillor, unless I ge re-hospitalized from smoking again.

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I know it can be done. Smoking is the next thing I’m quitting.

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I quit last year, and I slipped a couple of times since then, but I am back on track again now. I wish I could tell you that giving up made me feel better, but it didn’t. However, giving up has allowed me to improve my life in real meaningful ways that have in turn made me feel a LOT better. Giving up pot is not a magic wand, but it’s the price of a train-ride to Hogwarts.