Letting people down

Is it better to be open about your difficulties and what you can’t/struggle to do even if it may mean letting people down/disappointing them?

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I don’t find your difficulties (e.g. social function skill) a disappointment, but a good post to share. It is probably because I have emotional tie with you and then you also have self-control when ventilating your frustration.

Yes, it ultimately is.

It sure does, frustrating

I find that me not wanting to let others down is a powerful tool that I use to get things done that I won’t do on my own.

I think it’s better to be honest. What are you struggling with @firemonkey?

Have just had an invitation to my granddaughter’s wedding to her girlfriend. I am pleased for them but doubtful I can attend due to my travelling difficulties/phobia.
My stepdaughter might be able to come up and take me and drive me back but it would mean staying overnight, and I am not sure she has a space for me to sleep.

Oh that’s a tough situation to be in. I kind of understand it too. I’ve cancelled my attendance at Mr Turtle’s family do’s because I didn’t feel up to traveling to them and being around all those people.

Talk it over with your stepdaughter, she seems like she really cares about you and understands what’s going on for you. You and I are very lucky to have family who understand.

When do you have to RSVP?

Messaged granddaughter on FB. She says she completely understands and will send me lots of photos.


.nevermind too slow

It happens to the best of us.

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I wouldn’t miss a girl-girl wedding for the life of me. It’s too sexy :slight_smile:

The book “Schizophrenia for Dummies” says if should there be any social function or change of plan, it must be informed earlier to the person with schizophrenia, so that he/she can get ready for it.
You just don’t want to be a burden to them, worrying there’s no space for you to sleep.
But I completely understand the social phobia, it is hard to overcome it.

That’s perfect. I’m so happy she was understanding. That’s a huge relief for you.

I had a huge episode just before my sisters wedding and ultimately couldn’t go. They understood and were cool with it. Is good you messaged her and she understands. I would stress out with apprehension for weeks if I had to go to something like that.