Letting mentally ill homeless live on the streets is a false kindness

Two words: Scoop laws.

I’m big on human rights but to be honest I’m perfectly fine with forced treatment if it gets people of the streets. When I was homeless there was so many mentally ill people that obviously could not take care of themselves. It was disgusting how the government just lets these people die.

You’ll have to explain that. I’ve only heard of it re picking up dog mess.

It’s when they scoop up homeless people and get them forced treatment, if needed.


I agree it’s kinder in the long run to do that.

Someone told me once that letting the homeless determine their own future preserves their dignity. I’m trying to remember what was dignified about having to go to the bathroom on the street and eat out of garbage cans back when I was homeless. I’m just not seeing it.


I can’t see it either. Some people have warped ideas about what makes a person’s life dignified.

I would feel better about paying taxes if they were used properly. There is no excuse for letting members of society go homeless, hungry, or medically untreated.

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But those people are going through a spiritual crisis on the path to a heightened state of being. That’s what some people would have one believe.

I was homeless myself living on the streets for 6 months after losing my flat. I was clearly having an Sz relapse at the time, but it was months before i was seen and then given priority council housing on medical grounds.

When the doctors finally got their act together - they were shocked at the bloody mess i was in - and couldnt believe why i wasnt diagnosed and treated much sooner.

I was one of many that the system failed. And it still goes on today in the Uk.

It’s kinda sad that it even has to be said.

It’s not kind to let people live on the street. It’s cruel, and stupid.


It Royally FCks you up being homeless - every penny i had at the time on ESA was spent on Youth hostels, till they found out i was street homeless and banned me. Im 6 foot 5 tall yet went down to 6 stone. I looked like something out of bloody nazi camp.

Homelessness is a terrible thing. Been there and worn the Filthy T-Shirt.
It comes to something when you nearly have to die of malnutrition like i did and end up in an ICU - before you get housed here in the uk as a british citizen.

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Thanks to everyone… just thanks for caring, one way or another… :hugs:

When I was homeless I live in and outside a bus station to try and stay out of the cold. Drug dealers kept trying to sell to me and there were plenty of other homeless people that couldn’t take care of themselves. It was ■■■■■■

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