Lets talk about delusions?

Do you believe healthy people have delusions?

If you admit you have a delusion …does it mean its not a delusion anymore?

How is it possible to realize that what you believe is not real…is a delusion?

I believe healthy people have delusions.

If you admit its your delusion then its not a delusion anymore…i think.

But i dont know how is it possible to realize that its a delusion.


I am unheathly and i dont have delusion…!!!

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Healthy people believe in ghosts. Thats a delusion.

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I believe in dust :smile:

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I too think “healthy” people can have delusions. Not so sure about the admitting it thing though, i habe some that no matter how much i acknowledge they are delusions they dont go away. I do think there is huge theraputic value in talking outloud to someone you trust about it though, i always feel better after.

Forgot about the last question. I think if you can understand your halucionacion anf why it confuses you into the delusion you might be able to tear it apart and get rid of it. I dont know though, im still trying to figure this out for myself

Yeah until your on the Autobahn at 1am amd your 8 and you see the white transpersnt color of a little girl and boy with red eyes under the bridge and your parents see it to ajd freak out and then the ghosts just fade away…

lol to me ghosts are real and there is evidence backing it up to a certain degree, not proven but there is evidence out there with electronic devices that measure ‘energy’ and such. Believing that everyone thinks your super hot can be a delusion lol

I think delusions might come from subconciousness …whatever that is…if you react to.something unknowingly and you calculate that for example trees kill…then even if you are sane person…your subconciousness still believe trees kill…and then youd have to change your subconciousness. Cause you might think trees dont kill…but something in you and out of your controll believes something you dont…thats why you wount even remember you said trees kill.

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I think the line is where people let the delusion inform their decisions against their better judgment. People who aren’t ill tend to act on social norms and expectations. I think people who are ill tend to act on their delusions because they have impaired reality checking, or maybe they aren’t socialized properly. dunno, really. Interesting question. Knowing the answer might be the key to understanding how to topple delusion.


I believe that spirits can control my thoughts, because l am able to think about something before it happens, and it is too strange to be a coincidence every time.

Some guy just said sleep ■■■■ through the ceiling corner. I’m not sure if it’s real or not

I suffer from cognitive dissonance where I can see something is a delusion but also fully believe it at the same time. I think a lot of sz folk when medicated can experience this on occasion.


Who cares what they say lol.tell yourself quasall

this is actually a very profouding question.
…one of my biggest delusions was believing i was a special chosen one from God. my job? save the world in a way. and i had these little angels inside my head that guided me throughout my life.
ever since meds, the delusion has gone away.
but ever since faith, the delusion is starting to make sense.
delusions to me are extreme. now, i’m not fully recovered from schizoaffective. but through my religion, i’m starting to see that maybe delusions were like a sign from God. we as schizos, don’t know what the hell they mean! right?
reality or not?
but looking back, i can say that i do have a job. and that’s to spread the word of Christ. but perhaps not how like my mind portrayed it.
like kicking butt of evil monsters or flying through the atmosphere.
now, more mentally stable, i can say that yes, that delusion was real. to an extent.
anyone follow?

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Ghosts are not an illusion. I’ve come across a few.

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I too had a “messenger of god” delusion and although ive left the religion pary i do believe like you that the experiences i had were real and meant something, just that i didnt understand them correctly

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Me too
It is hard to realize delusion unless you mumble with things about that to doctor and he catch that
Not anyone can realize delusions

Good thinkering around delusions, I have been thinking like you Kerli (ja tere, olen ka eestlane - elan Soomes). I think that the emotional/moral part of delsuion is making something to be a delusion, not the structure that much of. Not sure how to explain it, but voices and optical hallucinations are pretty self-explationary, - that these two are delusions. Anyway, normal people don’t fight their thoughts as much as we do. Is paranoia or fear a delusion? Yes and No! Our senses are a bit messed up, that’s all. It can get better if you don’t take it too personally. It’s like our emotions don’t match with the content.

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I get messages from God “delusions” all the time. Everyday in fact. And have been getting them for the past fourteen years. I believe they are real. Actually, it has been going on for longer than a mere fourteen years but before that I was fighting them.

I kept thinking I was getting signs that I would be better. My mom suggested I watch an animated thanksgiving movie and thought it meant I’d be better thanksgiving.

I didn’t get better, then I saw a Halloween sign and thought ok by then. Later I thought new years at midnight.

I finally figured out no one is doing this to me and therefore isn’t an exact time it will end.

Just heard a voice say, you gay. Lol thanks for the compliment! I also like being called a hoe,whore,■■■■! My favorite by far is bitch. Now I’m going to go talk to some plants!

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