Let's practice positivity 🌱

What are you grateful for today?

Did you accomplish something new?

I have made so many improvements!

  1. I quit smoking, I quit drinking, I switched to tea, I became a vegan, I lost weight, it is almost spring! :sunflower:

My partner has been very sick since the start of the year. She’s had to go to the hospital a couple of times and has lost over 10% of her body weight from lack of appetite and running a fever.

But she was back at work for the second day in a row, and she gained two pounds! She’s not happy about that part but I am so grateful that she’s improving.


I quit smoking, lost weight and my mom still loves me. I’m doing good.


I put my health first and had a wonderful day! It’s all about thinking of positives.


Somebody from church came over. He brought a friend, but I didn’t know him. But I got through it. My social phobia made me nervous.


I’ve been going to the mental health drop-in center every day for lunch. I am beginning to talk with people there and actually remember their names! That gets me out of my isolation at least once a day.
I’m taking my meds as prescribed.
I dyed my hair bleach blonde.


Whoa. You’ve done quite a lot!

I made a chocolate cake and was somewhat happy with it.

I’m pretty bad about tempting people to eat sweet stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone said they loved it, but it’s hard to say that they aren’t overdoing it when they say it was a 5 star cake and all that.

I looked at my niece when my mom complimented it and just playfully rolled my eyes and she laughed.

I also got some grow lights for my indoor seedlings. They’re all doing really good now.

My grandma also got me a mini rose bush for valentines… lol.


Forced positivity still made me positive.


I’ve realized that as long as I’m applying my mind to something constructive, like reading books, playing bass or watching interviews and speeches from people who I admire, or walking my dog, I feel really good mentally…a massive improvement from 2 and a half years ago


Awesome, @WhiteRaven!

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Well done young lady!
Especially for bringing us all closer to Spring time. That’s quite an improvement from your part, dear Queen of the Four Seasons :crown:


i quit smoking, i quit red meat, i joined a clubhouse, i got a little job, i got a car,

its snowing so just going to chill today :slight_smile: brrrrr


Today i did well at work, focused and tried my best. Felt positive all day, did some housework.
Went to my mums for dinner, had fun. Bought chocolates for my mum.
Loved and cared for my pets, played ball with the dogs in the morning.
Helped my ex buy an exotic cat that he’s been wanting for ages. All round, positive, lucky day
Took meds as described, cooked lunch and drank 2L of water and rested.


Nice stuff…

What meds are u taking ?

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Why quit red meat?

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It was making him constipated

Ah…ty I haven’t been on much. And if you’re being sarcastic ty very much. Cuz I don’t get diets

Positive thing today. My husband and I had our first real conversation ever. After knowing each other for 14 years…we never realized that we were one crisis to another or I was medicated, hospitals, walking on egg shells, in denial…you name it. But yesterday we pressed restart because we both have regrets and are getting older and stress just broke me down, and I just can’t try another med change…I just can’t…I don’t have the strength to go through one.


lol @anon20318121 it wasn’t making me constipated :joy: what made you think that? haha

@anon98519533 i’m stopping it bc i dont like what they do to the animals, simple as that :slight_smile: lol