Let's play a game, if you were HEALTHY

I wanna have kids. Like 2-4 kids in a nice house. I wanna do picnics with my family and I want a nice ROCK on my left ring finger. I like princess cut.

Now I have a nice man in my life, there are some things lacking but it’s not that bad. Compared to other men I have met and my girlfriends partners/boyfriends, mine is a catch. He’s generous, helpful, caring. He loves me. He even started going to the gym with me.

Now I’m worried if I have a child, how will I raise this child if I talk to myself all day long and curse idiot, moron to the wall. Plus all the meds and supplements I’m on, it’s going to be a battle not only during pregnancy but also after birth, raising a healthy kid in a healthy environment.

Lots of people are bipolar and they have kids, how do they do it?

I’ve been searching for houses, there are some houses in my neighbourhood, 3 bedrooms, basement, a garden, I can plant my vegetables and raise a family.

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