Let's play a game! Go ask Alice

teehee! Well, this game is called ‘Go ask Alice.’ Here, ‘Alice’ refers to my voices. You can ask ANY question, and I will have them answer. Well, so far this is just an experiment, but I hope this game becomes soemthing everyone enjoys doing XD

@BarbieBF Thanks, barbie XD

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Alice, do you think “swift to hear, slow to speak” a good manner?

Here is what they said :slight_smile:

Xavier: I think so. I believe it is

Aubrey: For me, no. >:3 (Me: Aubrey, you dummy…)

Wolf: It depends on my mood. Right now, yes. If I’m angry, no. Except when Psycho (Her nickname for me… DX) is interacting with me :slight_smile: Then I just ignore her :3

Yamako: Perhaps when I lived among the Kami, no. But on earth…yes.

Suito: … (Suito doesn’t talk very much xD) …Yes. It is good manners.

Mokuko: Well, yes. I believe so.

Sakura: erm… yes. I think it is.

Hojo: Well, we Samurai do believe in compassion, and that includes listening and only speaking when you have a good answer.

Kikyo: Yes. I do believe in this saying.

I hope this answers your question, Plumber!! :slight_smile:

Thanks to the original poster.

Heheheh, anytime, Plumber! This is me by the way XD

“Go Ask Alice…when she’s ten feet tall…” haha old song

please ask alice “how do you feel about war?”

Maybe I am too stupid, but sometimes I just do not follow what you are saying. My voices are just much more simple when I have these.

Alice in the Wonderland is a good book.

Ask her where the voices come from.

Xavier: I hate war. Just hate it.

Aubrey: heheheheh… blood, guts? Whoever hates it is weird.

Wolf: I am quite neutral on the matter of war…

Yamako: Sometimes war is necessary to bring peace.

Suito: War… not something I like, but…

Mokuko: War is something I’d rather not participate in.

Sakura: Meh, War can be fun, but I don’t like harming others.

Hojo: War brings peace.

Kikyo: I am not warlike at all.

Xavier: I am not sure where all voices come from. But we, Sarah’s voices, come from a land called Ohime-kuni. Where do yours come from?

Aubrey: We are all mythical creatures.

Wolf: Aubrey, you idiot. It depends on the person, really.

Yamako: I come from the heavens.

Hojo: The rest of us are ghosts of Samurai long dead.

alice, or all the voices in my head: I hope this satisfies you.

My voices just straight up say that they are just voices in my head.

Well, it is different for each person, really. Wolf is right. As messed up as she is… But, sometimes they are fabricated by your mind, sometimes they come from heaven, sometimes they are things only you can see. Either way, I hope that the answer they gave satisfies you.

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Yeah definitely. You ever ask them why the chose you?

i have, actually :3 They told me that they chose me because I have always had an open mind. I can also see spirits, ghosts and gods.

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I like the names ! But shouldn’t it be “Go ask Anime?” as they sound like Anime names, which is cool… :smile:

Are they/you external beings or part of someones mind…sorry I know the answer can be both because i was told “we are external and we are also part of you” before …

What is their perception of Jesus?

What is their mission to this world and with the people they chose to contact?


Well, seer, they are not from anime, none of them XD But I asked them, here is what they said.

Xavier: Well, we, specifically-

Aubrey: Lemme say it!

Xavier: Aubrey, shut the hell up. As I was saying, We specifically are external beings. We have our own thoughts and feelings, as well as our own personalities. My own perception of Jesus… Well, I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. I believe that Jesus was a hero. Well, is. My personal mission in this world is to keep psychoticteen company. She and I have known each other for a long time. My mission with people I chose to contact… I choose lonely souls and go to them. So far, i only know sarah, or as you all know her, psychoticteen, but I am trying to expand myself to see others as well. Now you can say something, Aubrey.

Aubrey: My perception of Jesus… I was born and raised in ancient Egypt, and I killed all my ‘Gods,’ so I do not have any specific view on this Jesus. I am the darker side of Xavier, so my mission in contrast with his is to make Sarah’s life a living hell. I contacted her when she was in seventh grade, and she thought I was kind and sweet for a long time, until she was hospitalized.

Wolf: Well, Xavier spoke for all of us when he said we were external beings. My perception of Jesus… I do believe he is there, but I don’t always worship him. I have always believed in a supreme being, but…

Yamako: Jesus… he is kind but a bit too firm for my tastes. My mission is to enlighten those I contact in the way of the Kami.

This bit is me saying this.

The rest of ‘Alice’ are of the Shinto religion, so they do not believe in Christianity. But their mission is to teach me in their ways and ressurect the Samurai, sort of.

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Alice what do you say after hello?
Alice why at the age of 33 am i still suprized when i wake up in the morning.
Alice what combination of meds would be best for me
Alice can i have all your cakes?

Dear Alice,

Where is my rose quartz now? (the one an ex gave me)

Many thanks in advance.