Let's NOT talk

The Bell #LetsTalk thing has been getting on my nerves all day long.

Anyone else?

Let’s talk about it

Edit : it’s a reference @shutterbug

I don’t get it. What is The Bell and why are they saying let’s talk?

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[ raised eyebrow ]

No idea of the reference but I’ll take your word for it. Let’s not talk about it!

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It was bell that kept calling to sell their services when I was ill, They would call everynight sometimes 3 times in a night, I would scream at them to stop calling and they would not stop, I would never use their services for that reason

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Bell is a telecommunications company that seems to excel in disrupting attempts at such and then overcharging for it after their customer service staff have abused you. They are attempting to become synonymous with encouraging mental health discussions in Canada. Having been victimized by their staff, I would honestly say they cause their fair share of mental illness.

Yikes, that sounds awful… and stupid. Like why would you set up a station trying to promote mental wellness only to yell at and abuse those attempting to contact you? It’s like the “Thirteen Reasons Why” of radio stations (though I will admit that watching that show is a guilty pleasure of mine, lol).

It seems proclaiming you are nuts is a good career move these days…all of the celebs are doing it. It really is becoming fashionable.

They’re a phone, Internet, and media company.

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I guess I got to be fashionable at work today. It’s no secret that I have some MI there, but… Everyone tried to “talk” with me today thanks to this execrable ad campaign and they all got it wrong. In the same manner as going up to someone with a darker skin tone and saying, “hey, you’re black, bet you like watermelon and chicken, huh?” That kind of wrong.

Just leave me alone in my office and let me work. That’s all I require.


… and I’m confused again. They are trying to inspire mental health discussions how?

Bell donates money…5 cents for each call/ text on that day with the proceeds going to MI.

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I mean, I feel like, as usual, this campaign is meant for people with “anxiety and depression,” which is diagnosed so often that it may as well be synonymous with “the human condition,” and maybe AD(H)D. If you say “well I’ve got schizophrenia,” people won’t want to talk to you, or ask you how you’re doing. People will be afraid of you, avoid you, hate you. And somehow, even if the person does none of this, they’ll likely be fascinated not with you, but how your mind works. They’ll be curious about your symptoms until they’ve had their fill, then drop off the face of the goddamn Earth. I’ve seen too many comments on articles and videos about any psychotic disorder to trust people enough to open up to them about my illness. Have you seen it? What people really think of us? Anonymity makes people brave, I guess. This has turned into a long rant. Someone who I thought may be my friend hasn’t texted me back since last month. I figure she was of the “fascination” variety. I would talk to her about my symptoms and she would talk to me about hers. However after I got out of the hospital, finally stable, she seemed to have lost interest in me. I don’t have any f*cking friends.

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