Let's go running

Does anybody run? I’ve been doing walk-incline work on my treadmill during the shutdown. I also quit smoking (2 months :slight_smile:). I’m gonna give it a go with a jog later tonight, maybe one or two miles.


Yeah. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks but I try to jog everyday. Just got back from 3km’s and I’m going to be more proactive over the next few weeks. It’s easy to lose conditioning if you stop for a bit so I need to keep it up regularly.

Enjoy your jog later and well done to you.


I had a walk today. I get out of my house once a month. Otherwise I walk in the house with a step counter.


Once a month is better than nothing @Aziz. Maybe in a couple months your goal could be to get out twice a month. Just an idea.


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