Lets facebook

Here’s mine!

I’d love to link up with you guys!

Dont you see that we are linked here? No need in having a bunch of strangers on facebook

I like to follow you but i have no idea what is happening on my
face book and googleplus. sorry for my googleplus contacts.
I didn’t go my googleplus from last year.

I deleted my Facebook. I’m a rebel…j/k

People kept tagging me in photos and making post saying they were with me at places. That stuff links to my page, displaying all these pics of me and letting everyone know where I am. I turned them off, but every time Facebook updates their privacy policy it gets reset. So I got pissed and deleted it.

Everyone kept saying it’s just paranoia, but honestly what good can come of revealing everything about yourself on the internet. I consider it enjoying my privacy. The stupid thing is, Facebook is becoming a requirement for access to some things online, or even for coupons for stores. It’s stupid.

I think it’s weird, one of our fears is others spying, tracking, or reading our minds…yet that seems to be what ‘normal’ people actually desire.

Also, interesting fact: Social networking is one of the most common ways to get a computer virus/Trojan/rootkit/keyloggers. All it takes is to click on an ‘infected’ link that someone posts (they usually say something like “check this out!”) My wife managed to infect her desktop and laptop within a couple months of each other from this. And because they were 0-day exploits, virus protection did nothing to help, they slipped right through.

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FakeBook adds to my paranoia.

jayne beal. add me. would love to b ur friend on facebook xxx

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I just eliminated my Facebook account. I had there three friends initially, but when I started posting my favorite music, the number of FB-friends was reduced to one.

Which one is you bro?

The black and white piccie. Hythe, Southampton, studied web design at brockenhurst college. Xxx