Let's diet together!

Down ten pounds since beginning of March. I have cut my time to walk a mile almost in half in a month, and I can jog lightly for two minutes straight.

I couldn’t walk ten feet without being in too much pain at the start of the year. Im not going to jog regularly at my size it’s a bit risky, but when I started walking everyday outside at the beginning of March, it took me 33 minutes to walk a mile and I hurt a lot. Today I walked my mile in 18 and a half minutes and zero pain.

No diet yet. Everyone is against me on raw food diet. Need to read more about it.

two weeks ago i switched diets from ~2000 heavy animal proteins to ~1200 mostly plant proteins overnight. my body is suffering, im in worse condition than two weeks ago when it started. i dont exactly have a choice, so lets see how long i can manage? it seems ive already lost weight though, but not yet enough.

30 minutes of exercise daily a minimum of five days a week.

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Great idea!! I want to diet and exercise. Now, I pig out and sleep.

That sounds horrible. I love a varied diet. The trick is to avoid calorie dense foods at most meals, to drink lots of water, and to exercise more.

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Last time I weighed myself I weighed 58.2 kg.
I’m 160 Cm and want to be 55 kg.

I put on weight the last month.

I want to have a alkaline diet but I’m not willing to give up my beloved coffee.:two_hearts:

I adore drinking good coffee.

I walk my brothers dogs for forty minutes three times a week , exercise bike 45 minutes once a week and pump once a week but sometimes I don’t do pump and bike because I have difficulty getting myself to do it.

My dad thinks I should do pump three times a week to see results but I haven’t committed to once a week successfully.yet.:slightly_smiling_face:

Disappointing I let myself go and put weight on but specially when I was feeling psychotic I felt weight loss wasn’t a priority and that a couple extra kg may help me get through psychosis and stop me from having real bad psychosis with hospitalisation.

I’m so hungry now.
It’s 1 am .
I can’t sleep :zzz:.

I think my plan is to keep doing what I’ve been doing for now but cut down on white bread and unhealthy snacks.
I eat Ezekiel bread instead but it’s expensive and difficult to get ahold of in a way.
I can’t eat it daily because I have to drive half a hour to buy it so I buy it once a fortnight only.

I don’t want to give up coffee.
I want a alkaline diet and body but I enjoy my coffee to much.
Maybe one day I can give up coffee but I don’t want to at this point in time.

I love eating and drinking good.

I am always thinking about food and drink and “ when do I get my coffee “”what do I get for lunch””only two hours til lunch then I can eat.yeay”.

I can’t eat much .
If I had a normal diet I would be obese.

I’m on a vegan diet for the animals and I was actually skinnier as a meat eater and put on nine kg when I went vegan but I’m not vegan to loose weight I’m vegan for the animals and environment.

I don’t think I will change my diet or exercise at this point in time despite that I want to loose a few kg.
I will just try to eat less white bread and unhealthy things.

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This spaghetti sauce is half beef and half beans to up the amount of legumes. I swapped out spaghetti for spaghetti squash. The more veg I eat, the better I feel.

Still having some meat, but in moderation. Tending towards chicken, pork, and fish with beef no more than once per week.


Honestly what I’ve found is that the best healthy diet is the one you can sustain. If you can stay on a raw food diet, and ensure you’re getting all of your nutrients then it’s more effective than doing a different one you won’t adhere to.

We put so much stress on finding the right “diet,” and it would be better to pick one, get the okay from your doctor, do your research, and stick to it for a certain amount of time. If it doesn’t work for you then try a different one.

Of course this doesn’t mean crash diets and extremes are good, and that’s why I mentioned talking to your doctor. If you really want to try raw foods, then go for it. Do your research, talk to your doc, and give it a go. :smiley:

Also I hate the term diet, so I’m using it with the meaning of what we eat. Diets as used in the weight loss community sort of implies a temporary change, and that’s why sustainability is so important in my view.

Started today. Im still gonna eat meat as usual.

Good luck, @Yellowdiamond :))

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Nice! Good luck!


Down 11 pounds. Can’t wait to lose 21 pounds and I’ll be out of obese range.


It’s tough to rid caffeine. Chocolate is my favorite candy. Hope you feel better​:blush::sunglasses:

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Finally got back to 50 lbs down! Only 28 more to get back to where I was in 2019.


Thank you Roxanna

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Tonight I’m 253lbs 115kg, down 1lb 0.45kg from Sunday. Not a spectacular loss, but better than gaining.


Today is Sunday for my official weigh-in. I’m 249.6lbs 113.2kg, a loss of 4.4lbs 2kg. The 16:8 diet is really working well.

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