Lets change ourself to change the world ..!

I M intrested in recovery…i know that we cant change others but we can change ourself …lets change ourself to change the world…lets start from us…


Ok Gandhi bapu… :smiley:


Hahahhahha gandi ji is my idol …!!!


Too easy! Let’s change the world to change ourselves! Now there’s a challenge!!


I know… :smiley: It’s good to have an idol… My idol right now is Arjun Kapoor makes my heart beat… i never felt that towards an actor before… :heart_eyes:

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Haha, nahh but seriously my idols are Malala and Buddha and all you lovely people on this forum…


Be the change you want to see. Yeah, I can understand that!


Recovery. Yes, the world must recover. They must learn to catch up with us.

First you have to decide what to change.
Compassion seems to be the only way things get changed if your talking about improving the lives of folks who live without the basics.

If you want to improve the world for others, let’s start with accessibility to clean water, toilets, and something to eat.

There are so many self proclaimed geniuses around, why can’t they apply that IQ for the benefit of all?


Start by being kind to others. Give them kindness and the necessities of life: money, food, water, clothing, housing, etc…


They had the answer to world hunger with genetically modified foods. The possibility with those were that they could create more crops with less seeds, more meat with less cattle, and remove the nasty parts they leave in the food during the slaughter process (like tumors) and many more things.

However it was made illegal because someone convinced enough people to say it would be used to raise prices or something like control the flow of seeds or something along those lines. Anyways I think that was because the current titans didn’t want competition but I don’t have anything to back that up.