Let's be real, how many of you are convinced you are the most high deity?

Without crossing forum guidelines, how many of you suffer from delusions of grandeur?

    1. You are the greatest sentient being.
    1. You are human.

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I’m a legend in my own mind.

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I am not, I would prefer not to be remembered.

I used to believe I was Thoth.


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If I was a deity I would have already cured my schizophrenia long time ago.

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I believe i am human. And not a high or good one.

When I was last ill I thought I was Sun Wukong until I realised he is in everyone.

To be truthful its difficult feeling even human

Yup, 5th dimensional entity trapped in a flesh prison known as human.

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I had the whole Egyptian gods talking to me, thoth was training me. Ra especially would visit me in different forms on my psych episode. I used to read thoths emerald tablets online.

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Yup. Yup. And yup.

I hear ya……………

well, I had a severe delusion I was a fallen angel from the Bible, but then I heard they are spirits,.not human. It could be an entity trapped inside me or something like the TV show “Supernatural.”

I thought I was god back when I was a teenager.

I have several belies like im jesus and will return as God

I had a delusion or belief I was part Anunnaki, which is a super technologically advanced god-like diety alien human looking reptilian civilization…

I have a delusion of grandeur that I “could” be the smartest human being if I cared enough to, like if I wanted to devote like 80 years to this singular task. Might even be fun too. I don’t feel this is impossible, but it is a hell of an undertaking and I don’t know if I care enough to do this. I’m just saying it’s possible. For a lot of people.

I’m talking like 14 hour days for decades and decades, with perfect reading comprehension and memory. Doesn’t seem impossible.

Holy wow, the second time I was hospitalized there were annunaki guards watching me from the roof in my room, I could hear them.

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I’m only 6’1 so I never have been tall at all ever. I think the whole tall people thing is fake or a myth. Maybe 7 feet at the tallest though. Im a small percentage or was. Not anymore I hope. I was a weak anunnaki. Draco reptilians and tall greys are more powerful i think.

I protest on the part of those here who are cybernetic organisms. We demand to be recognized for our status as augmented humans.

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