Let the river wash your anxiety away

Don’t let it stay in your soul.


Appreciate the sentiment - but my anxiety only goes away with a bottle of medication lol. (and the dreaded drink) .

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Yeah, well - I’d have a beer right now, if I could. But it’s just ok that one has more than one thing to help him/herself to enjoy. :slight_smile:

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hehe the river never washed away my anxiety, and i’m quite close to the canal here.

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I’ve been feeling uneasy in the pit of my stomach lately. I am sensitive and tend to be tuned into general world energies which effect me even when everything should be fine for me.

Sometimes I want to drink but I try my best to resist and bear with the suffering.

Hope ya’ll are doing ok.

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This is a good post. Thanks… Take care.

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Well, the world might not get fixed with a monoloque like this, but it might help some.

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