Let me Tell you about My Schizophrenia - Columbia College senior majoring in English


A good story by a college english major:

Last month, on a Thursday, I was in my room, seated at my desk, enjoying a chicken parm sandwich from Milano Market. Thursday’s my long day. I have class from 10 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. So, by the time I got back to my room with my sandwich, I was ready for the delicious respite that lay ahead. I found a copy of The Grand Budapest Hotel online and settled in. As I watched Adrien Brody’s gaunt figure make its way through the frame, I scarfed down the first half of my sandwich, and I realized that at least one of my molars had just become dislodged. I could feel a tooth rolling around inside my mouth and warily tongued at the gums where the tooth had been.

“■■■■. My teeth are falling out. What do I do? Can they be put back in?”

I thought, and then started castigating myself, asking myself why I hadn’t gone to the dentist: I’d had that toothache for the better part of a year. An instant later, putting my sandwich down and cradling my jaw in my hand, I realized all my teeth were still in place; I realized I had been hallucinating. Relieved, I continued on with my sandwich and Wes Anderson. I was OK.

Hallucinations are a common manifestation of psychosis, which is the most readily identified marker of schizophrenia.


Frankness,this is a story about someone eating a sandwich and suffer from some problem in his jaw
=This scenario is must be classified under the symptoms “delusional believes”,because the features of hallucinations has contain hearing a voices and seeing imaginary people

-In the case,if the hidden hallucination entities has been emitted inside the psychological entity of any human being ,he can not identify that; these entities that he realizes them inside himself is the symptoms that so-called the hallucinations !!
=he realizes imaginary entities and hears them voices, not realize a symptoms of teeth or else
=The simple scientific definition of the hallucination:
they are mental perceptions without the existence of external environmental stimulus .
The person realizes voices without the existence of external speaker in the environment
(it is mental realization without materialist stimulus }
Viz,the talking about the teeth "materialistic stimulus " is irrelevant

In other words,the writer has talking about personal delusional believe ( fantastic explanation to an actual event }


It’s written well enough . . .



Hi Jaystar
I remember you from long time ago.
I have some questions ;
1- Are you the owner of this web ?
2- Are you the chief of the medical department in the web ?
3- Why you do not write a posts now ?
4-You wrote “it’s written well enough "
Do you meant " the story events” ,or the comment
5-what is your comment about the story


I am not a doctor. This is not my site.



+1 for being an English major
+1 for using “gaunt”, love that word

I like it.


Thank you for your frank answer’
In other side,writing an article about the hallucination fact
has require real informational content and rightness scientific language
because the issue is not just a spelling-bee


I’m pretty sure Brian owns this site. I’m pretty sure he is an educated man, but not a doctor.




Again,thank you for your interesting.
I’m sure I do not know Brain.
In fact,I asked you about the owner ,because I have may new good ideas to development this web

I do not know anyone here except you,you are existed here from may years ago
and you were acted as a star .

anyways,we need scientific description to the schizophrenia event to make it
a real scientific phenomenon,instead to the narrative description which turn the schizophrenia events into dramatic stories,autobiographies or vita

The science with the schizophrenia is not a story events but is the sums of
fixed objectivity facts