Let me finish

My parents installed cameras inside and outside the house. To keep me from running away and to keep me from killing myself or somrone else killing me. Sometimes because of post traumatic stress of I fight in my sleep. I am a mixed martial artist. That ■■■■ hurts. As a child this boy from the baby sitter kept breaking in on me and raped me and stole from me, now we have a kid he came back twenty years later with a different identity and stole my kid. Im getting my kid back and now his friend who broke in me and had sex with me got me pregnant 3 months omg. Im in a polyamous relationship with two guys one is a go getter he saved me from this dude thank god he broke in on me and his best friend is hot so fb him and cheated on him then we all got together. The rapist ex best friends. I always wanted them more. Im happy in my relationship. You can not rape the willing but that guy from the babysitters is nasty! My parents did not know my sister did but she was to afraid to tell this guy is gigantor.