Let it go, all the crap, just let it go

I was taught something precious I just have to share. it’s the let it go stuff.

all the crap that disturbs us in our mind – try to just 'let it go".

all our justifiable anger – try to just 'let it go."

I have some trouble with all this, but just trying to do it helps.



Sorry, but it is just when I see that title, it reminds me of this…i might be a bit traumatized :))

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yeah totally,

you have to sometimes, can’t just keep it all bottled up inside like seems to be popular. They’re wrong by the way, if you’ve got too much there…you gotta find a way to let it out. For me, in my older age, it’s a conversation over coffee…and if that doesn’t do it I get sloshed and post crazy ■■■■ on here accompanied by music from youtube and cryptically prod at and hint at the conspiracy that was my life.

I know when I meet someone with an emotional hurricane just barely under the surface and it attracts me like nothing else, like I might pass up a supermodel for someone with the kind of emotional energy you can FEEL…and of course I’m all wreck and ruin for it.

But hey…I recently took the elevator back on down to the 21st floor and it may as well be the 15th and I’m having a grand old confusing as hell time just being a stupid goofball. Like…texty all the time.

big sigh there I let off a good portion of it. The holiday Irish mudslides and the as needed klonopin help too.


I let it go.
That is the sound I make when I let things go.

:cat2: walking cat


I think I used to have other ways…but that was before they “saved” me by blacking out my mind and freezing it in drug addled adolescents. But then I didn’t even know that so I just kept on living, loving laughing and crying.

This song reminds me of riding in the trunk of a car as to hide me.

Okay I’m letting it out.

Andrew Bird. I propose a duel. 50 paces. I’m armed with a cap and ball pistol and you unarmed. I promise to shoot to wound only.

But by the way it was a blast and despite all the great lyrics recorded, you missed all the best stuff. Where were you half the time?


Here…have some ska for that dready blonde haired kid who arrived home to have his dreads shaved and his story denied as fictional went on to become quite the little rudeboy making phone calls from the back of the local hipster joint. “Just checking” That didn’t go over well.

It cost 25 cents to put in motion history in all it’s inglorious make ya want to puke frightening reality.

Sorry. It really was a reconstructed 1940’s era experimental weapon in the back of uhaul.

And yeah, I dealt with all those agencies back in my blacked out youth so I don’t even care anymore I just see it as ironic that this little hopelessly romantic whacked out and tortured kid was just seeking vengeance for all the hypocracy.

Really, if you want to blame something, blame a mix of hashish and eccstacy.

Oh the ska:

Okay I’m good to go, got a good of crap out.