Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be

In 1985 or 1986 Paul McCartney sang this at one of the Live Aid concerts. Some people might remember the Live Aid concerts. After the first one, many other aid concerts sprung up. Those were the concerts consisting of 20 or 25 of the top rock acts from the 80’s. Lots of big names performed for free to raise money for starving people in Africa. Paul McCartney was the act that people anticipated the most. He sang “Let It Be” but in some circles his choice of song was criticized. Their complaint was that “Let It Be” was inappropriate. They said that the message was wrong because no one should “let it be”. Action was needed to fight hunger and singing “Let It Be” was like saying to do nothing about it.

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I have never been in Africa and never will go there, but to me it seems that the matters of Africa are no better now than these were in the 1980s.

How relevant was this song at one of these Live Aid concerts, not very, but people paid to listen U2 at this concert, I suppose this helped to buy some food.